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Located at 5301 W Murphy St, Odessa, TX 79763, we cater specifically to those searching for high-quality pipe, tubing, valves, valve actuation, fittings, flanges and other essential oil field or industrial supplies.

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Why Choose DNOW for Your Industrial Supplies?

  1. Prompt and Reliable Services
    We understand the challenges businesses face when sourcing reliable supplies. We're dedicated to ensuring you have the right tools and materials on time, reducing project delays and unnecessary costs.

  2. Top-Grade Materials for Peak Performance
    Every piece in our inventory, from foundational pipe to safety gear, is chosen to ensure optimum performance and durability. Trust in our products to meet the rigorous demands of any industrial project.

  3. Safety First: Protect Your Team
    The well-being of your crew is our priority. Our work clothing and PPE range is designed to safeguard them in challenging environments.

1 We are the exclusive distributor of FET | Global Tubing coiled steel line pipe for onshore and offshore well tie-ins, long flowlines and pipelines. Minimize field crew tasks like joint welding and coating, x-ray inspection and heat-treating to achieve installation times up to 3 times faster than stick steel pipe.
2 We are a leading global stocking distributor of all major line pipe and tube products of all significant specifications and material grades. With our extensive knowledge, we can support your company from maintenance to construction of new projects.
3 Whether it's toxic, corrosive or aggressive fluids you'll find we have an extensive inventory of valves for the most challenging performance demands. Our complete in-house valve automation packages include pneumatic, hydraulic and electric automation for multi-turn, quarter-turn and valve networking applications.
4 We offer high-quality fittings from top manufacturers for diverse pipe and tube needs. Our range includes butt weld, threaded, and socket weld fittings. We provide carbon steel for tough conditions, stainless and alloy steel for temperature challenges, and fiberglass for corrosive settings. Explore our Pexgol PE-Xa fittings too.
5 Optimize safety with DNOW's range of workwear, safety supplies and PPE. Our top-brand products ensure protection from high-visibility outfits to electrical gear. Leverage our site surveys, product trials and expert training for compliance. Whether it's rugged workwear or task-specific gear, trust DNOW.
6 DNOW supplies essential industrial and facility products across industries. Carrying top brands, we ensure maximum operational efficiency in facilities and plants. Our selection includes adhesives, batteries and more. Shop with us for unmatched MRO support.

Essential Supplies for Optimal Operations

In any industrial setting, the quality and reliability of materials and equipment are paramount. The intricacies of projects require precise tools and supplies that fit their designated purpose and stand up to rigorous use. Our selection has been carefully curated to ensure that every item serves its role efficiently, from the foundational pipe and tube to the safety gear protecting your team. With our quality inventory of products, you can be confident in finding the ideal solution for your operational needs.

Expertise at Your Service: Our Team's Commitment to Excellence

We boast a seasoned team with in-depth product knowledge and a true desire to help you thrive. Each staff member receives comprehensive training to remain at the forefront of industry standards. Are you seeking guidance or product recommendations? From specific product insights to usage advice and problem-solving, we're here to support and equip you for success.

DNOW's range of PVF products, especially their valves and actuators, have drastically improved our operational efficiency. Truly grateful for their quality products.
The team at DNOW went above and beyond to ensure we had the right equipment on time. Their expertise and customer service are top-notch.
Operations Manager
As a manager overseeing multiple operations, DNOW has made my job so much easier. Their PPE products ensure my team's safety every day.
Operations Manager