Industrial Paints and Coatings

A great paint job starts with quality paint supplies. Count on DistributionNOW to supply a wide selection of standard and high-performance industrial coatings and paint, equipment and supplies you need for your full range of applications. From choosing the right brushes and paint booths, to paint mixers and paint sprayers, to the exterior and interior paints and stains, or just general purpose painting supplies - whatever you need, DNOW is your single source.


High-Performance Coatings

Our high-performance industrial coatings are long-lasting corrosion protection for the most demanding applications. All of our coatings are lead-free, chromate-free and VOC compliant.

  • Acrylics (solvent, waterborne)
  • Alkyds (oil-based enamels, high solids)
  • Epoxies (high build, high solids)
  • Polyurethanes
  • High-temperature coatings
  • Primers
  • Cold galvanizing compounds
  • Pipe wrap tape


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Our Suppliers

Polyguard Products
Seal for Life Industries (Powercrete®)
Seal for Life Industries (STOPAQ®)
Tnemec Co.
Trenton Corp.
ZRC Worldwide

Paints & Stains

Our paint products come from trusted brands in a wide range of colors. These high-quality products are easy to apply through sprayer, roller or brush on a variety of surfaces.

  • Aerosol paint & primer
  • Exterior paint & primers
  • Interior stains & finishes
  • Striping & marking paint
  • Stencil ink
  • Paint pens/markers

Our Suppliers

ITW Diagraph
MSSC (Marsh®)

Painting Equipment & Supplies

We offer a wide selection of general purpose painting supplies to help you get your next project done quickly and efficiently:

  • Brushes
  • Drop cloths
  • Extension poles
  • Edgers & refills
  • Liners & grids
  • Mitts
  • Openers
  • Paint Booths
  • Paint sprayers
  • Paint mixers & accessories
  • Rollers, frames & roller covers
  • Stencils
  • Strainers
  • Trays & buckets

Our Suppliers

G.F. Lasswell (Kleenwell)
Hyde Tools
Krylon (Rubberset®)
Magnolia Brush
Red Devil
Sherwin-Williams (Diversified Brands)
Weiler Abrasives