Artificial Lift Methods in the Oil and Gas Industry

DistributionNOW offers various artificial lift products, including plunger lift systems, conventional rod pump systems, variable frequency drives (VFD) with automation or optimization capabilities, and high-quality progressing cavity pumps (PCP) for customer-specific well conditions that help our customers enhance production and extend the life of a well. 

Artificial Lift Solutions Throughout the Well Lifecycle

Our artificial lift solutions couple our qualified team with leading-edge products, including emerging and new technologies, with a comprehensive array of services that span the well lifecycle.

Full Portfolio of Products

Supplying quality artificial lift equipment and expertise to the oil and gas industry has become increasingly crucial as fields get older and new fields emerge with an increasing number of wells to come online. That’s why DNOW is constantly searching for new technology to help our customers lower lifting costs and decrease downtime.

Local Business Locations

DNOW artificial lift locations follow strict standard operating procedures that exceed API standards to ensure the best possible service. Our strategically placed branch network have years of local experience and are fully equipped to provide producers with access to product availability when and where it’s needed.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our quality, leading-edge products, we also offer a range of artificial lift services, including product specialists and local pump shop services, failure analysis and solutions consulting, all critical well hook-up components, and customized individual and classroom training for our customers.

Type of Artificial Lift Technologies

Artificial lift is a method used to increase downhole pressure on the formation and push resources up to the surface to obtain a higher production rate from a well. The illustration below highlights some of the artificial lift products that we offer and can generate flow from a well in which no flow is occurring or used to increase the flow from a well to produce at a higher rate.  

ALS applications