DNOW Affiliated Brands

DNOW is a global leader in sourcing energy industry products and providing total supply chain solutions. Our vast capabilities and expertise have been growing since 1862, the year our earliest legacy company was founded. Since then we’ve steadily acquired a multitude of leading brands that continue to expand and accentuate our offering.

DNOW affiliated brands expand and accentuate our product and service offerings

DNOW Subsidiary Brands Deliver

DNOW delivers unmatched global scope and scale to serve your full range of industrial supply needs. This breadth and depth of capability is enhanced by the many industry-leading brands that are part of our family. Explore our brands here.

Dura Products Logo - Dura Products is the go-to choice for effective, reliable rod pumping systems and production accessories.

Dura Products is based in Canada and is focused on designing and manufacturing high-end rod pumping systems and production accessories.

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EcoVapor Logo - EcoVapor has a suite of products that can help you reduce emissions and increase renewable natural gas (RNG) utilization.

EcoVapor offers emission-reduction solutions for the life of an oil & gas well with their patented ZerO2™ emission solution and other vapor management systems.

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Flex Flow Logo - Flex Flow horizontal pump solutions provide flexibility to fit the needs of various fluid movement applications.

Flex Flow is a leading provider of horizontal multistage centrifugal pump (H-pump) solutions for fluid movement applications through its suite of rental, sale, service, and support offerings.

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MacClean International Group Logo - MacLean serves the oil & gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, nuclear, marine & distillery industries worldwide.

MacLean International Group is based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, operating under three trading divisions: MacLean Electrical | MacLean Valves | MacLean Industrial & Safety.

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Odessa Pumps Logo - Odessa PUmps provides pumps, packages, parts, repair and machining services in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Odessa Pumps is based in Odessa, Texas, and focused on providing pump packaging solutions, pumps and pump parts, pump repair and machining.

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Power Service Logo - Power Service provides engineering, design, installation, fabrication, distribution & service of rotating & processing equipment.

Power Service is based in Casper, Wyoming, and focused on providing rotating and processing equipment, engineering design, installation, fabrication and service.

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TS&M Supply Logo - TS&M Supply is your specialist for various oilfield and industrial applications.

TS&M Supply is based in Canada and is focused on providing a wide range of oilfield and industrial application products.

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TS&M Supply Fiberglass Logo - TS&M Supply Fiberglass is a leading supplier of NOV Fiber Glass Systems products to oil & gas operators across Canada.

TS&M Supply Fiberglass is based in Canada as an exclusive Canadian Oilfield distributor of NOV Fiber Glass Systems Fiberspar spoolable products and 4rd SP/SPH jointed line pipe.

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Our Affiliated Brands Expand Our Reach

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive portfolio of products and services that cater to a wide range of industries. By aligning with DNOW subsidiaries, we further broaden our reach in the energy and industrial industry and provide a wider range of solutions to you. As we unlock new opportunities through these partnerships, we can look forward to exploring innovative products and services and accessing previously untapped markets with the help of our affiliated brands. We remain committed to providing you with the best solutions that meet your specific needs, all while delivering exceptional service and support.

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Expanding Capabilities and Expertise

DNOW is a global leader in sourcing energy and industrial industry products and providing solutions. We have been leading the way by continually expanding and highlighting our offerings with vast capabilities and expertise. Our brands continue to expand and accentuate our offerings with vast capabilities and expertise. Providing top-notch service and innovative solutions to our clients at every step of their operations, and our long history is a testament to both our success in this regard and our commitment to continual improvement.

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