Dura Products

From its state-of-the-art facility in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Dura Products designs and manufactures premium rod pumping systems and production accessories. Our high-quality, fit-for-purpose equipment systems are built to deliver superior performance, so you can keep your production stream flowing.


About Dura Products

Dura Products (a division of DistributionNOW) is based in Canada, focused on the design and manufacture of high-end rod pumping systems and production accessories. Dura Products has been in business for almost thirty years and has a loyal customer base in both Canada and Europe. We do not strive to be the lowest cost provider of rod pumps or components, but rather to provide superior quality, fit for purpose equipment that will provide our customers with the most cost effective method of producing hydrocarbons. We have a highly experienced, stable, and motivated workforce dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of rod pumping systems and related accessories. We believe that we are uniquely positioned as a focused rod pump provider with extensive technical expertise.

Highest Quality by Dura Products

Through our unmatched quality and our unrivaled customer service, we've built a loyal customer base in both North America and Europe. Our aim isn't to be the lowest cost provider of rod pumps or components, but instead to provide the highest quality, customized equipment and offer the highest level of support. That's why we employ a highly experienced, stable and motivated workforce that partners with customers to ensure that they get the highest quality product, every time.

Products & Services

Dura Products manufactures specialized products in the following categories: pump parts, production accessories & stuffing boxes.


  • Balls and Seats
  • Barrels
  • Valve Rod
  • Spiral Guide
  • Spool Check Valve
  • Hold-Downs
  • Insert Cage
  • On/Off Tool
  • Pickup Sub
  • Rod Pump Plungers
  • Sucker Rod Couplings
  • Pressure Control Regulator
  • Hydraulic Tubing Drain


  • Com-Pac
  • Dual-Pac
  • Pollution Control Check Valve
  • Non-Aligning Union

Dura Products Downloads

Dura Products Downhole Pump Parts and Accessories Cataloguefile download
Dura Products Universal Pump Hold Down Product Sheetfile download