Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Material Assets and Inventory Management

DistributionNOW is a leading expert in supply chain, warehouse and inventory management. We provide a range of supply chain services to help you manage noncore assets, such as managing inventory equipment and supply chain facilities. By partnering with DNOW, we can help you optimize your inventory to sync with your operations, work orders and maintenance schedules.

Why choose DistributionNOW?

Instead of building and acquiring the expertise and expense of a comprehensive materials management organization, operators partner with DNOW to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). A partnership with us allows you to invest more of your resources into your core competencies and growth initiatives. By aligning our goals, DNOW can help establish an efficient supply chain infrastructure to eliminate waste and get your product to market.

Key customer advantages

  • Reduce materials costs
  • Reduce sales and general administrative (SG&A) costs
  • Reduce capital employed
  • Eliminate leakage, increasing visibility of purchases for planning
  • Dedicated DNOW support staff, facilities and inventory
  • Transparent DNOW "open book" partnering model
  • Measurable results

Procurement and material management services

Onsite supply

DNOW streamlines your entire internal supply operation by identifying and valuing your assets and tracking their final disposition, improving your work order procedures, and synching supply to your maintenance programs. We give you accurate visibility into your inventory and integrate all materials management systems so that you can ensure asset availability from high-quality sources, all while reducing overhead.

Our solutions include:

  • Engaged Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Catalog Development and Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Network Optimization
  • Customer Owned Materials
  • 2nd Tier VMI Programs
  • Point of Need Stock and Job Trailers
  • Final Disposition of Materials

Assess and improve

DNOW asset management experts assess all touchpoints where improvements can be made to ensure inventory integrity:

  • Receiving
  • Stocking
  • Picking and shipping
  • Inventory control
  • Enterprise-wide surplus materials visibility
  • Dead stock

Managing Stock

In the common supply chain model for inventory management, the manufacturer, supplier, and customer all stock inventory to minimize the peaks and valleys of material needs and ensure product availability, but it's a different story in the DNOW Supply Chain Services' simplified materials management model. We eliminate your need to incur inventory carrying costs while ensuring materials are where and when they need to be. We accomplish this through a dedicated approach based on your demand planning and forecasting.

What you can expect

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Consistent and uninterrupted availability of materials and equipment
  • Standardized and improved quality
  • Stabilized and improved material costs
  • More productivity gains
  • Reduced logistics costs and improved safety
  • Enhanced production and decreased level of effort (LOE)

Specialized Inventory Management Solutions

From initial request through final item disposition, DNOW provides a comprehensive selection of inventory management solutions. Our specialists are committed to ensuring you have the suitable material where and when you need it.

  • Onsite Third Party Consigned Inventory - DNOW works with you in both production or maintenance mode, providing inventories closer to your point of need as well as remote stocking locations.
  • Dedicated Support Inventory - DNOW offers our dedicated inventory based on your specific requirements. We invest the resources to help you reduce the capital invested in inventory.
  • Client Owned Inventory - DNOW manages customer-owned inventories as part of our onsite warehouse solution; we provide the tech, systems, and people to take care of your assets.

Inventory management technology

We are always expanding our digital products to give our customers more value. Our solutions include outsourcing portions or entire functions of our customers' procurement, inventory and warehouse management, logistics, point of issue technology, project management, and business process and performance metrics reporting. Our DigitalNOW® platform gives customers access to great technology for eCommerce, data management, and supply chain optimization applications. This can help solve lots of different operational and product sourcing problems.

Unmanned inventory control and material management solutions

AccessNOW is a suite of unmanned inventory control and intelligent inventory management solutions for industrial applications. Our AccessNOW solutions help you manage inventory integrity and optimize forecasting, making supplies on hand when needed, allowing you to streamline your inventory management and improve efficiency and scalability.

eProcurement Solutions

DNOW's eCommerce solution makes it easy to find, shop and order the MRO goods and services you need. You can submit and access inventory orders online, use multi-level approval hierarchies, see your contract pricing and save your bill o materials (BOM) lists and favorite items. Our eCommerce software helps you order supplies and materials online through your company's ERP system, a third-party ERP system or through our website.