Canada Process Solutions

Our team of distribution experts, technical professionals, and licensed engineers provide expertise related to pumps, compressors, and fluid movement packages, fabricated liquid and gas measurement systems, and process and production equipment. We partner with you to deliver solutions for a wide range of requirements:

Engineering & Design

Highly-trained engineers and state-of-the-art software

Fabricated Process Equipment

Custom production package design, fabrication, installation

Surface Pump Equipment

Large selection of high-quality pumps, parts, and accessories

Service & Repair

In-shop and field service by highly qualified technicians

Prime Movers for Artificial Lift

Oilfield engines, motors, pumping units, generator sets, and VFDs

Inventory Management

Comprehensive management options for your equipment

Total Valve Solutions

Complete valve actuation, modification, and repair solutions

Product & Service Categories 

We are passionate about the quality of the products we supply, ensuring they meet the relevant standards and are fit for purpose. We are the One-stop resource for mining and offshore safety equipment, tools, hardware, plumbing, building supplies and general consumables. As an official distributors for many premium brands and global manufacturers. Our comprehensive product range covers all of the essential items required for industry as well as specialist and custom-made products. Contact us for more information on our product range.

For a more complete list of our product categories and suppliers, visit our Products & Services page.

Acquired & Affiliated Brands 

We are passionate about the quality of the products we supply, ensuring they meet the relevant standards and are fit for purpose. Our vast capabilities and expertise have been growing since 1862, the year our earliest legacy company was founded. Since then, we've steadily acquired many leading brands that continue to expand and accentuate our offering in Canada.


Dura Products, a DistributionNOW Company

Its state-of-the-art facility in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Dura Products designs and manufactures premium rod pumping systems and production accessories. Our high-quality, fit-for-purpose equipment systems are built to deliver superior performance, so you can keep your production stream flowing.


TS&M Supply

TS&M Supply is your specialist for a wide range of oilfield and industrial applications. Our expert technicians are adept at servicing, repairing, and providing technical assistance on Centron® fiberglass products, bottom-hole pumps, PC pumps, multiplex pumps, safety equipment, and many other equipment systems. We also offer complete repair services for pumps, valves, meters, gauges, and more from our advanced shop.


TS&M Supply Fiberglass

TS&M Supply Fiberglass is a leading NOV Fiber Glass Systems product supplier to oil & gas operators across Canada. We are your premier source for Fiberspar™ spoolable products and 4rd SP/SPH jointed line pipe. We also provide corrosion-resistant downhole tubing, casing, and facility piping from Red Thread™ and Bondstrand™. Our expert technicians can provide technical guidance and supervision throughout the process, from product selection to installation.

Quality and Safety Management

An effective Quality Management System supports DistributionNOW (QMS), accredited and certified to the International Standard ISO 9001. A copy of our certificates is in our resource library.

Office Locations

Our Canada segment primarily serves the energy exploration, production, mining, and drilling business. We also provide training for and supervise the installation of jointed and spoolable composite pipes supported by inventory and product and installation expertise to serve our customers.

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