Utilities & Gas Distribution

DistributionNOW's focus is to provide quality products that meet the gas utility industry's specifications, with technical support and a service model that meets customer daily requirements. Using our proprietary materials management and integrated supply chain and material management solutions, DNOW has helped many oil and gas operators generate FCF from their balance sheet. 

One-Stop Shop

DistributionNOW's extensive product offerings, coupled with proprietary materials management and integrated supply chain solutions, allow us to be a true one-stop-shop. Our global purchasing and distribution network can provide you with high-value products and supply chain services to bring from the pipeline to the house with ease.

We also offer the following support for our utility and gas distribution customers:

  • Gas utility-specific products stocked locally
  • Storm emergency response
  • Technical valve and actuation expertise for pipeline and gas distribution

Technical Expertise

DNOW product experts offer engineered product solutions, working with engineers, operators, and supply chain managers to determine the best solution that fits the requirements of the operation. We improve efficiencies in our customers’ supply chain and reduce operational downtime.

Utilities Gas Distribution Pipeline

Our Gas Distribution Product Offerings

We offer a wide range of products to our utility and gas distribution customers:

Fabricated Products

  • ASME pressure vessels
  • Pipeline pig launchers & receivers
  • Vapor recovery units (VRU)
  • Skid packages
  • Meter runs

Pipe and

  • Carbon steel pipe (low-temp, welded, seamless, black or galvanized)
  • Stainless steel pipe & tubing
  • Polyethylene pipe (MDPE, HDPE)
  • Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating
  • Abrasion resistant overcoating (ARO)
  • Powercrete®
  • Concrete coating
  • Cement lining
  • Three-coat system

Valves and Actuation

  • Ball, plug & butterfly valves
  • Gate, globe & check valves
  • Meter valves
  • Polyethylene valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Actuation

Fittings and Flanges

  • Carbon steel (low-temp, ASTM Grade B, high yield)
  • Malleable iron
  • Polyethylene & electrofusion
  • Mechanical fittings
  • Repair clamps
  • Transition fittings
  • Hot tapping & plugging

Industrial and Facilities Supplies

  • Adhesives, Sealants & Tape
  • Batteries & Battery Chargers
  • Facility Maintenance Supplies
  • Food Service
  • Industrial MRO supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Janitorial & paper supplies

Safety Products and PPE

  • Head-to-toe PPE
  • Protective clothing
  • Fall protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Gas detection & instrumentation
  • Environmental protection & spill control
  • Fire & rescue supplies


  • Hand tools, power tools & accessories
  • Abrasives & cutting tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Welding supplies

Paint and Coatings

  • High-Performance Coatings
  • Paints & Stains
  • Painting Equipment & Supplies

Specialty Products

  • Anodes
  • Fusion tools
  • Paint & coatings
  • Pipeline markers
  • Pipeline pigs
  • Tanks
  • Test stations
  • Tracer wire
  • Valve & curb boxes
  • Meter sets

Services & Support

We provide the following support at our branch locations and in the field:

  • Gas utility-specific products stocked locally
  • Storm emergency response
  • Technical valve and automation services
  • "Cradle-to-grave" project management
  • Engineering and design capabilities
  • Documentation control
  • Online ordering
  • Industrial vending technology
Onsite DNOW Safety Service Store

DNOW eCommerce Procurement Solution

We leverages a broad and diverse product portfolio, digital tools, and customizable service models to offer significant savings to customers. A partnership with us means a tailored approach based on your needs, whether it's the lowest cost, the highest quality products, a service-centric program, or any combination.