Corporate Sustainability

DistributionNOW endeavors to create positive change globally and in our local communities. We strive to minimize waste and pollution, to support organizations that make a difference and to maintain fair and honest business policies.


We are committed to working to minimize our impact on the environment through energy management conservation initiatives, air quality improvements, responsible water conservation and recycling, where applicable.

Energy Management
  • Utilizing energy efficient lighting with motion detection to reduce power consumption
  • Using digital tools (Skype, Microsoft Team, etc.) for business and video conferencing to reduce road and air travel
Air Quality
  • Company-owned pipe yard facilities with large, unpaved driving areas have implemented environmentally friendly dust control methods to reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions
  • Tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for fleet, modernizing fleet of vehicles for improved fuel efficiency, evaluating new technologies to minimize fleet emissions
Waste Management
  • Recycling programs implemented in locations where local waste management providers offer feasible recycling options; includes paper, plastic, cardboard, metal and wood
  • Evaluating implementation of water filling stations to eliminate plastic water bottle waste
  • Actively minimizing packaging waste
  • DNOW is not a major consumer of water or generator of industrial wastewater
  • Many pump repair facilities have implemented water recycling systems to reduce water consumption

Employee & Industry Engagement

We strive to invest in our employees, our communities and the industries in which we operate.

Employee Development
  • Talent management
  • College rotational program (SCMDP)
  • HIPO programs
  • Leadership development
  • Retain, Attract, Develop (RAD) women's affinity group
Employee Engagement
  • Employee surveys
  • Executive leadership video series and podcasts
  • Milestone service awards
  • Family appreciation events
  • CP1 recognition
Industry Engagement
  • Support and funding of industry-related associations and scholarships
  • PESA Diversity and Inclusion Champions
  • Active committee participation with industry trade associations

HIPO: High Potential Employee Development Program, SCMDP: Supply Chain Management Development Program, CP1: Customer Priority One

Social Responsibility

We engage and support many organizations and groups in the communities where we operate globally:

DNOW Charity DNOW Charity


We are committed to and recognize the importance of good corporate governance and high ethical standards. DistributionNOW’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethical Standards enhances our relationships with key stakeholders, including our people, customers, suppliers, other business partners, shareholders and local communities around the world.

Our Directors
  • 6 out of 7 independent directors
  • 5 directors with 30-40 years core industry experience; 2 with 40+ years
  • Average tenure*: 5.4 years
  • Average age*: 64
Other Highlights
  • Majority voting to elect board members
  • Annual say on pay voting
  • Independent Chair of the Board
  • Independent committee chairs
  • Clawback policy to recover executive compensation

*As of January 2019

For additional information, including a copy of our codes of conduct and ethics, please see the following:


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