Our Company

DistributionNOW (“DNOW”) is a leading global supplier of energy and industrial products, solutions and engineered equipment packages, with a legacy of over 150 years and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. From a network of locations spanning more than 20 countries and a complementary suite of online digital channels, DNOW provides thousands of products to the energy and industrial markets worldwide.

Through our evolving DigitalNOW® platform, customers can leverage world-class technologies across eCommerce, supply chain services and cloud based mobile applications to solve the most complex operational challenges and maximize returns on assets.


  1. Our Sectors
  2. Our Global Product Offering, Services and Solutions
  3. Our Key Markets
  4. Our Inventory
  5. Our Vision
  6. Our Guiding Principles
  7. Our Core Values
  8. Our History

Our Sectors

Our energy product offering is consumed throughout all sectors of the oil and gas industry – from upstream drilling and completion, exploration and production (“E&P”), midstream infrastructure development to downstream petrochemical and petroleum refining – as well as in other industries, such as chemical processing, mining, utilities and industrial manufacturing operations. The industrial distribution end markets include manufacturing, municipal water and wastewater and engineering and construction firms. We also provide supply chain and materials management solutions to the same markets where we sell products.

Our Global Product Offering, Services and Solutions

Our global product offering includes consumable MRO supplies, pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, fasteners, electrical, instrumentation, artificial lift, pumping solutions, valve actuation and modular process, production, measurement and control equipment. Included within our product offerings are products that help our customers’ sustainability goals of reduced carbon and green-house gas (“GHG”) emissions, water management solutions for the responsible use and disposal of produced water and products geared toward the alternative and renewable energy sector. Our products are often bundled with additional supply chain services in the form of procurement, warehouse and inventory management solutions as part of our supply chain and materials management offering. We have developed expertise in providing application systems, work processes, parts integration, optimization solutions and after-sales and field service support.

Our Key Markets

We support land and offshore operations in North America, Latin America, the North Sea, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Former Soviet Union (“FSU”). Products sold through our locations support greenfield expansion upstream capital projects, midstream infrastructure and transmission and maintenance, repair and operating (“MRO”) consumables used in day-to-day production. We provide downstream energy and industrial products for petroleum refining, chemical processing, LNG terminals, power generation utilities, industrial manufacturing operations and customer on-site locations.

Our Inventory

We stock or sell more than 300,000 stock keeping units (“SKUs”) through our branch network. Our supplier network consists of thousands of vendors in approximately 40 countries. From our operations in over 20 countries, we sell to customers operating in approximately 80 countries. The supplies and equipment stocked by each of our branches are customized to meet varied and changing local customer demands. The breadth and scale of our offering enhances our value proposition to our customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Our Vision

DistributionNOW will be recognized as the market Leader in Supply Chain
Management through superior customer service by leveraging the strengths
of our employees, processes, suppliers, technology and information.

Our Guiding Principles


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in all that we do.


We act with the highest priority on health and safety in our workplace and communities.


We collaborate with our suppliers, our customers, and one another to optimize the sum of all individual efforts, while being active participants in the communities where we live and work.


We are passionate about being the best in the industry, making our customers priority one, and creating long-term value for our stakeholders.

Our Core Values

We care.

We act with compassion and honesty in all that we do. We respect one another, our customers, and our communities.

We do what it takes.

We approach every task with energy and passion to make sure the job is done right. We continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of service to our stakeholders.

We are accountable.

We take pride in our work and are responsible for our actions and the outcomes produced.

Our History

DistributionNOW is a global leader in sourcing energy industry products and providing total supply chain solutions. Our vast capabilities and expertise have been growing since 1862, the year our earliest legacy company was founded.

1862 Oilwell oilfield equipment business established 
1878 Oilwell Supply formed
1894 National Supply formed
1921 Wilson Supply formed
1930 Oilwell Supply acquired by U.S. Steel
1958 National Supply acquired by Armco Steel
1987 National Supply and Oilwell Supply merged to form National Oilwell
1991 Wilson acquired Tyler Dawson
1993 Wilson acquired Wallace Company
1995 Continental Emsco Canada and Franklin Supply merged to form CE Franklin
1996 National Oilwell, Inc. initial public offering (NOI)
1999 Wilson acquired Continental Emsco Co.
2000 Wilson acquired Texas Mill Supply
2001 Wilson acquired Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Corp. and Mid-Valley Supply
2005 National Oilwell and Varco Int’l merged to form National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
2012 National Oilwell Varco acquired Wilson Supply and CE Franklin
2014 Distribution segment spins off from NOV to form DistributionNOW (NOW Inc.)

A Family of Brands, All Ready to Deliver

DNOW Affiliated Brands

DistributionNOW is a global leader in sourcing energy industry products and providing total supply chain solutions. Our vast capabilities and expertise have been growing since 1862, the year our earliest legacy company was founded. Since then we’ve steadily acquired a multitude of leading brands that continue to expand and accentuate our offering.

Dura Products

Flex Flow

MacLean International

Master Corporation

Odessa Pumps

Power Service

TS&M Supply

TS&M Supply Fiberglass

Why DistributionNOW?

DNOW Difference

DNOW provides much more than products. We deliver assurance. Our experts look at your operational challenges from a broad perspective and collaborate with you to solve them.

DNOW Responsibility

DNOW is committed to creating a workplace that is the best it can be for employees, customers and the communities that surround us. We have robust programs for sustainability, diversity, compliance and environmental and social governance.

DNOW Careers

Every person on our team plays a part in delivering excellence to our customers. We elevate our people and give them opportunities to grow. That's why the best want to work here and why they stay here.