With its vast range of quality products, integrated supply chain logistics and unmatched global scope and scale, DNOW has what it takes to always deliver. Our products are backed by seasoned experts who anticipate needs and are committed to coming through with the right solution at the right time, every time. We shape our offering to support your objectives and empower your business, so you can reduce costs and boost efficiency. DNOW experts look at your operational challenges from a broad perspective and collaborate with you to solve them.

Key Differentiators

  1. Customer Priority One (CP1)
  2. Knowledgeable People
  3. Global Infrastructure and Inventory
  4. Leveraged Sourcing and Procurement
  5. Industry-Leading Quality Program
  6. World-Class Supply Chain Technology

Customer Priority One (CP1)

To deliver within DistributionNOW a global culture and service environment where the Customer is Priority One and DistributionNOW is rewarded by being the industry’s preferred supply chain partner fueling sustainable and continuous growth for all stakeholders.

Knowledgeable People

Our product line managers and specialists provide our customers with in-depth knowledge gained from many years of experience in a range of product applications and processes. Our DNOW supply chain experts and consultants help customers become more efficient, removing waste from the supply chain and focusing on inventory investment, facilities management, and logistics.

Global Infrastructure and Inventory

DistributionNOW has a network of locations in over 20 countries, we sell to customers operating in approximately 80 countries. But those are temporary numbers. Every day, every hour, every moment, our customers are pursuing, moving, and refining natural resources. How and where that takes place is not confined to just a few key locales. Whatever they need, wherever they need it, we will be there.

Leveraged Sourcing and Procurement

DistributionNOW is a leader in supply chain management because of its extensive knowledge, hands-on industry experience, and global presence in sourcing and procurement services. Our size, our scope, the breadth of the markets we are in, and the diversity of the customers we serve give us an edge, but we continuously seek new suppliers that meet our quality standards. This commitment ensures that our customers always have great options from which to choose. DNOW is not just about products. We also offer a wide range of supply chain services that reduce customer costs and increase efficiency.

Industry-Leading Quality Program

DistributionNOW is recognized by customers and suppliers alike as having the industry’s most advanced quality assurance program. Our regional distribution centers and key locations are ISO 9001 certified. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers is reflected in our IMPACT quality goals:

Increase employee capabilities
Maintain accurate inventory
Provide quality product and services
Always deliver on-time
Continually improve
Total customer satisfaction

World-Class Supply Chain Technology

Our solutions include outsourcing portions or entire functions of our customers’ procurement, inventory and warehouse management, logistics, point of issue technology, project management, business process and performance metrics reporting. Additionally, through its ever-expanding DigitalNOW® platform, customers can leverage world-class technology across ecommerce, data management and supply chain optimization applications to solve their most complex operational challenges and maximize return on assets.

The DNOW Difference

Our employees are dedicated to improving not only distribution, but also the way we deliver. We approach every task with energy and passion to make sure the job is done right, and we strive to be the best in the industry. Every year, every day, every moment, we find new ways to meet and exceed our customers’ needs

Quality Program

DNOW's quality program is backed by a Triple Impact Supplier Management Program that include rigorous supplier onboarding, daily QA/QC checks and ongoing monitoring through random quarterly inspections to ensure you're getting the best.

Flexible Operating Model

Whether you need a reliable source for quality products, a total global supply-chain solution, or anything in between, DNOW has you covered. We tailor our offering to your objectives to empower your business, so you can reduce costs and boost efficiency.

Service Commitment

Delivering the products you need is just the beginning. DNOW goes beyond to deliver service that allows you to achieve optimization, efficiency and productivity. We are the industry’s preferred supply-chain partner, because the customer comes first. Always.