eTrack™ Asset Management

DistributionNOW’s eTrack, powered by DigitalNOW®, is an asset lifecycle and management tool giving you the power to track, schedule maintenance and order replacement parts for field equipment, all in one easy-to-use interface online or on your mobile device.

eTrack, Powered by DigitalNOW

eTrack Answers Big Questions

DNOW's asset tracking tool is focused on improving your resource optimization and reducing your bottom line. Simplifying your asset management process with eTrack can help you answer 3 big questions.

Where is my asset right now?

Search or filter a list of all your available assets, then pinpoint an asset's location on an interactive map.

What do I know about this asset?

View sub-components, specifications, design drawings, wiring diagrams, fabrication certifications and more, all in one place.

What is this asset's service history?

View complete logs of maintenance performed, parts replaced, service photos and other asset notes over its entire lifecycle.

eTrack Has Powerful Features

  • Quickly view asset information by scanning a QR code
  • Search assets by keywords or location
  • View the asset location on a map (latitude/longitude)
  • Attach documents, pictures, notes and other files to each asset
  • View audit logs of any changes made to assets
  • Assign QR codes to each asset
  • Group sub-components under parent assets (e.g.- LACT unit containing a pump, mechanical seal, meter, etc.)
  • Submit service requests for a specific asset
  • Submit material transfer requests (move an asset yard-to-field, field-to-yard or field-to-field)
  • Submit parts requests for a specific asset

Features Coming Soon

We're working hard to enhance eTrack with even more features. Soon, you'll have even more control over your assets:

  • Track maintenance/repairs on assets
  • Schedule time-based repairs (regularly scheduled or single time)
  • Track asset value over its lifecycle
  • Predictive maintenance recommendations based on collected data

What Can eTrack Do For Me?

Asset Management & Maintenance Scenario

Through the eTrack mobile app, you can easily monitor an asset's entire lifecycle. Find available assets, mobilize them to where they're needed and schedule maintenance, all from your mobile device. This example scenario shows how you can change the way you manage assets using eTrack.

eTrack Asset Location LACT


You order a new LACT unit from Power Service

Your new equipment is already tagged and ready to use with eTrack, with separate tags for the centrifugal pump, the Coriolis flow meter and the LACT unit itself as a package. The pump and meter show up as sub-components to the LACT in eTrack – just scan one of the tags!


The LACT unit is delivered to the field and installed

After the LACT is delivered and put into service, a technician scans the tag and selects ‘Update Location’ to update the asset’s location in eTrack using their phone's GPS. They can also see the unit's specifications, design drawings, fabrication certificates and other important information.


After a regular field audit, a pump on the LACT unit requires repair

The operator scans the pump’s tag and submits a service request form through the eTrack mobile app. They can also request a replacement part kit if they prefer to make their own repairs.


The pump and LACT unit are restored to service

After the repair is complete, the service is logged to the asset in eTrack with a photo of the work done. Any future technician can scan the tag and see a complete service history for this asset.

eTrack Frequently Asked Questions

DistributionNOW’s eTrack™ is an asset lifecycle and management tool that provides a platform for tracking assets, scheduling maintenance and ordering replacement parts for equipment, all in one interface. The tool can be accessed through a mobile app or the web, with all asset data accessible through both.

eTrack gives powerful insight on where your assets are and where they’ve been, as well as visibility into their maintenance history or repairs completed. The tools tracks all forms, repair documents, maintenance requests and part orders to capture everything you need to know about your equipment. Easy access to this information equips you to make more informed decisions on the products you buy and simplifies the materials management process.

All product types are eligible for the eTrack program. You can load modular fabricated equipment skids (LACT units, SWD skids, separators, etc.) as well as important sub-components like pumps, compressors, dryers, mixers, meters, mechanical seals, valves, actuators and more.

Yes! eTrack can manage active or inactive assets, giving you visibility to your equipment's location, documentation and repair history, wherever it is deployed. You can also bulk upload assets into eTrack if necessary. CONTACT US if you need help cataloging your assets.

Yes! If you order new equipment package skids from DistributionNOW, Power Service or Odessa Pumps, your products are already tagged and ready to be entered into eTrack. CONTACT US to find out more about this process.

You can also build and order new production equipment skids today using our eSpec product configurator tool – CLICK HERE to learn more about eSpec!

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