Safety Equipment Inspection & Repair

DistributionNOW has comprehensive standard operating procedures for all safety equipment inspections and repairs, ensuring that equipment meets manufacturers’ standards and customers’ expectations. Our personnel are selected and trained to DNOW’s high standards and strong culture of safety.


Services Offered

We offer inspection and repair services on a range of equipment:

  • Instrumentation
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Fall protection
  • Portable eyewash & safety showers
  • Fire extinguishers

Safety Inspections & Repairs We Offer

Respiratory Equipment Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), emergency 5-minute escape airline units, airline respirators, air hose, manifolds, breathing air bottle racks, carts, and trailers, portable 400 SCFM low-pressure air compressors
Instrumentation Personal single-gas & multi-gas monitors, photoionization detection monitors (PIDs), area monitors
Fall Protection Harnesses, lanyards, retractable lifelines, chain ladders
Safety Equipment Portable safety showers & eyewash stations, Level A suits, fire extinguishers


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