Industry Applications

DistributionNOW knows that each industry has specific needs and requests that need to be acknowledged. We are committed to providing you the best and most appropriate products, services, and solutions that allow us to be your trusted partner no matter your need, industry, or market.

Our established and comprehensive knowledge of various applications allows us to offer you the best and most appropriate products, services, and solutions that you can effectively and efficiently use for your market. We are committed to servicing diverse industrial applications: alternative energy, oil and gas, mining, industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, water and wastewater treatments and so much more.

Alternative Energy & Renewables

DNOW supplies essential products and supply chain solutions to onshore and offshore wind farms, solar, hydrogen, biofuel and geothermal operations worldwide.

Carbon Management & Decarbonization

Our low-emissions products and custom equipment packages can help monitor and reduce your carbon footprint and meet your scope 1 GHG emissions targets.

Energy Transition

Transition to low carbon energy sources with products and services for carbon capture, hydrogen or renewable fuels. We have the products and expertise to help you with your next project and improve your sustainability.

Power Generation & Utilities

In a critical service industry, we have the resources and product availability to ensure our response meets quick off-the-shelf turnaround and delivery requirements for large infrastructure projects or during outages.

Mining & Minerals

From mineral processing plants and underground mining operations to metal smelting and refining, we have decades of experience delivering products that withstand the rigors of corrosive and dust-intensive environments.

Oil & Gas Operations

Onshore or offshore, DNOW is a leading distributor for the upstream, midstream and downstream markets, with vast quality product offerings and supply chain management solutions to minimize rig downtime and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Chemical Processing

Our products and technical expertise help support the complexity of the chemical processing industry, with an emphasis on stainless steel, alloy, quality chemical injection pumps, solar pumps and specialty products.

Water & Wastewater

From single pumps to turnkey custom fabricated packages, we deliver the full range of water and wastewater solutions and back them up with 24/7 technical service. Our solutions include water plants, booster stations, wastewater plants, lift stations and controls.


Our extensive industrial and hazardous area experience ideally positions us to supply the distilling industry with a full range of lighting, electrical products, and cabling, functioning efficiently, effectively and safely.


We supply a full range of quality electrical products suitable for use in hazardous areas and cleanroom environments, from lighting and junction boxes to control stations and cabling to major pharmaceutical companies.