Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems

Enhancing Oil and Gas Production

DNOW is a reciprocating rod lift systems distributor; we can help you maximize production efficiency and minimize costs. We have a long history of innovation and customer service in the oil and gas industry and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

DNOW sells reciprocating rod lift system packages that meet a wide variety of applications.

Product information


Our reciprocating rod lift (RRL) system packages include API-certified pumps, specialty pumps, rods and accessories that are manufactured to meet various applications. Reciprocating rod lift systems are also more efficient than other lift systems, making them attractive for producers looking to maximize production. We also offer complete system design and performance analysis including pre or post plunger lift well life cycle applications.

Our artificial lift experts use SROD™ pump-tracking software and decades of practical experience to calculate optimum rod string design and help you to select rod materials, rod guide specifications and pumping parameters. We can cover everything from sucker rod size/metallurgy and rod guide specs/placement to completions and surface equipment.

Failure analysis and equipment tracking programs are also available, with a focus on achieving increased production, longer run life and improved cost.

Products offered

  • Downhole equipment
    • Rods and rod guides
    • Rod Insert pumps
    • Tubing pumps
    • Tubing anchors
    • Gas and sand separators
  • Surface equipment
    • Wellheads
    • Rod blowout preventers (BOPs) and stuffing boxes
    • Polish rods and accessories
    • Rod rotators and well space-out tools
    • Lubricators and back-pressure valves
    • Ball valves and chokes
    • Environmental containment
    • Digital sensors and load cells
    • Gauges


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