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DNOW Publishes Corporate Sustainability Report for 2022

October 20, 2023

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges in the energy and industrial sectors, DNOW emerged as a beacon of resilience, innovation and sustainability. The company recently unveiled its 2022 sustainability report, providing insights into its strategies, accomplishments and future aspirations centered around its environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.

With an evolving energy landscape, DNOW is keen on playing a pivotal role in shaping its future. This involves collaborating with customers to revamp aging infrastructure, adopt low-emission equipment, enhance material management, boost supply chain efficiencies and integrate digital offerings. DNOW's expansive global network and its history of servicing various sectors across the energy value chain positions it favorably to venture into emerging energy markets.

Our 2022 annual ESG report titled Empowering Sustainable Progress is a testament to DNOW's endeavors to align its business tactics with ESG goals. The emphasis isn't just on financial growth and promoting sustainable progress, improving transparency and refining data collection methods. From fostering diversity, equity and inclusion to enhancing environmental performance, DNOW's journey is about creating shared values for a brighter, greener future. To learn more, visit our Corporate Sustainability page to download a copy of the report.

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