Sliding Vane Pumps

Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient Fluid Transfer - Perfect for a Variety of Applications

DNOW stocks and sells a range of sliding vane pumps for your process and transfer requirements. Tailored for diverse industrial requirements, our pumps excel in handling constant flow applications, particularly for higher viscosity fluids such as crude oil, waste oil, and chemicals. The innovative design of our sliding vane pumps, featuring rotor-mounted sliding vanes, ensures unparalleled performance by automatically adjusting to counteract wear. This guarantees consistent, like-new efficiency throughout the pump's lifespan. making DNOW your supplier of choice for all sliding vane pump needs.


Product Information


Discover the premium range of Sliding Vane Pumps at DNOW, engineered for optimal performance in various process and transfer operations. Our pumps are a testament to excellence, blending superior design with practical functionality. They excel in applications requiring constant flow rates and can handle viscous liquids like crude and waste oil effortlessly. A simple yet robust design for easy maintenance and quiet operation, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your industrial needs.

Products Offered

Our sliding vane pumps are ideal for oil, chemicals and higher viscosity fluids where maintaining a set flow rate is critical to the process application:

  • Crude Oil Terminal Transfer: Specialized pumps designed to efficiently move crude oil in terminal settings.
  • Waste Oil Transfer and Recycling: Ideal for environmentally conscious handling and recycling of waste oil.
  • Rail Car Loading/Unloading: Tailored to meet the demands of rail car operations with high efficiency and reliability.
  • Truck Unloading: Streamlined solutions for quick and efficient unloading of trucks carrying various liquids.
  • Shear-Sensitive Chemical Transfer: Perfectly suited for handling delicate chemicals without causing damage or degradation.

Features and Benefits

Sliding vane pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that offer several benefits for process and transfer requirements, including:

  • High-Efficiency Design: Maximizes performance in fluid transfer, especially for oil, chemicals, and high-viscosity fluids.
  • Self-Priming Capability: Allows the pump to start without needing the inlet line filled with liquid, facilitating ease of operation.
  • Effective Suction Lift: Capable of lifting liquids from deep sources, adding to its operational versatility.
  • Simple and Robust Construction: Fewer moving parts lead to lower maintenance needs and enhanced longevity.
  • Suitable for Moderately Viscous Liquids: Can handle a range of fluid viscosities, broadening its application scope.
  • Quiet Operation: Designed to operate more quietly than other pump types, reducing noise pollution.


Materials of Construction Cast iron, ductile iron, 316 stainless steel
Flow Rate Up to 2,220 gpm
Pressure Range Up to 250 psi
Temperature Range Up to 500° F

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PSG Dover (Blackmer)