Water Disposal and Waterflood Pump Packages

Ensure Safe and Efficient Water Disposal

Running a facility requires a keen understanding of hydraulics, fabrication and automation. These three areas of expertise ensure that your facility runs smoothly and efficiently. At Power Service, a DNOW Company, we have extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, and we guarantee that you will receive unmatched reliability.

Power Service's Salt Water Disposal (SWD) unit with control logic for #FlexibleFlowManagement, #WaterManagement and #FlowControlSolutions

Product Description


Salt water disposal (SWD) packages pump and dispose of water produced during well production. Mixed with chemicals, this water must be removed safely for EPA compliance. Gun barrel-style separation tanks separate the saltwater and skim oil, allowing for the sale of the oil and disposal of the water.

Our units typically utilize a centrifugal charge pump system, filtration mechanisms to protect equipment and injection pumps. These units conform to B31.3 piping construction standards. Rigorous regulations are implemented for well construction, reporting, monitoring and formation to prevent contamination of usable groundwater. The injection pump is responsible for pumping saltwater far below any water sources that can be used.

Specifications and Options

  • Injection Rates to 60,000 bbl/day +
  • Pressures to 5000 PSIG +
  • Standard B31.3 piping construction
  • Lifting plans, FEA and torsional calculations are available
  • Mag particle and dye pen testing are available
  • Wind, snow and seismic calculations
  • PE-stamped buildings and structure
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel and composite piping
  • Steel frame, panel and fiberglass buildings
  • Optional enclosure for cold weather packages
Power Service's Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Turnkey Package, is equipped with multiple horizontal multistage pumps and state-of-the-art control logic.


  • Unmanned operation in harsh environments
  • Available in non-classified, C1D2 or C1D1 designs
  • Accommodates any ambient conditions
  • Multiple pump options are available
  • Turnkey solutions for oil and gas production, metering, transportation, and refining
  • Real-time monitoring and control from anywhere in the world
  • Easy integration into existing SCADA systems
All Power Service water disposal facilities are available in Non-Classified, C1D2 or C1D1 Options.


  • Efficient and reliable water disposal and waterflood operations
  • Customizable to fit specific needs and conditions
  • Reduces labor costs and increases safety by allowing unmanned operation
  • Real-time monitoring and control allow for quick response to any issues
  • Easy integration into existing systems for seamless operation and data collection
Power Service's state-of-the-art PLC platforms and data collection allow for real-time facility monitoring and control from anywhere worldwide!

Skid Major Components and Features

Our water disposal and waterflood fabricated units provide a total water solution. With multiple pump technologies available, we select our equipment based on the correct fit for your application.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  1. Pipe, Valves, & Fittings - depending on your chosen configuration, our team may suggest control valve implementation for reliable centrifugal pump operations
  2. Pumps - with our salt water disposal packages, we offer a selection of quality injection pumps based on required injection rate and pressure, options include Schlumberger REDA horizontal multi-stage (HPS) and NOV reciprocating pumps
  3. Filtration - our SWD packages come with bag or cartridge filters sized for flow rate and micron rating, which includes auto switching during high-DP differential pressure
  4. Electrical & Automation - our team works closely with you to design fully integrated PLC and control options, including starters and VFD, flow computers and SCADA integration

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