Bypass Oil Filtration

DistributionNOW has an exclusive global master distribution agreement with Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc. to supply the puraDYN® Oil Bypass Filtration System as complete kits, housing units, and filter elements specifically designed to optimize oil life, reduce maintenance, and extend equipment life. This high-efficiency, multi-stage oil bypass filtration system continuously cleans the engine, transmission, and hydraulic oil for long-term use.

Measurable Results

Successful implementation of the puraDYN® Oil Bypass Filtration System has helped a number of contractors safely extend their fleet's oil drain interval by three to five times by keeping the equipment running on continuously cleaned oil.

Clean oil means significantly reduced engine component wear, which translates to longer life to overhaul. Customer testimonials indicate increased time to overhauls ranging from 25% to as high as 300%, depending on environmental and equipment load factors.

How It Works

Particles smaller than the 15-40 microns captured by most OEM full-flow oil filters disrupt lubrication at the bearings, cylinder walls, and piston rings. The puraDYN® unit is installed downstream of the OEM full-flow filter, acting in conjunction with it to enhance micro-fine filtration.

  • Removes solid contaminants below 1 micron
  • Replenishes base additives in engine oil
  • Removes liquid contaminants using a separate medium
  • Reduces waste oil generation

The puraDYN® System is appropriate for almost any engine (diesel or gasoline) or hydraulic system. We have complete kits available for common applications, or we can easily create a custom application kit for your specific equipment.

Condition-Based Maintenance

The puraDYN® Oil Bypass Filtration System technology, incorporated as part of an overall condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy, focuses on the root cause of why oil requires changing.

  • Filter change — change the puraDYN® filter element and the OEM filter at the OEM-specified oil change interval
  • Oil analysis — take an oil sample using the valve on the unit. As long as the oil analysis confirms that it is suitable for continued use, the oil itself does not need to be changed.

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