Piping Accessories

Enhance Your Piping Systems with Our Diverse Range of Reliable Accessories

At DNOW, we specialize in offering an extensive range of piping accessories designed to safeguard your systems against foreign materials, corrosion and unexpected emergencies. Our products are engineered to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your equipment. Whether you are looking for strainers, steam traps or advanced filters, we have everything you need to maintain and enhance your piping infrastructure.

Explore Top-Quality Piping Accessories at DNOW, we have Premium Piping Accessories for Efficient System Maintenance.

Product Description


DNOW has a comprehensive collection of high-quality components essential for any piping system. Our range includes a variety of strainers, steam traps, line blinds, closures and much more, all designed to offer maximum protection and efficiency for your equipment. Whether you're dealing with industrial applications or smaller-scale systems, our products cater to all your needs, ensuring reliability and durability.

Product Offerings and Features

  • Strainers: Includes Y-type, Basket, Duplex, Fabricated tee and Temporary Basket & Cone strainers, perfect for removing debris and ensuring a clean flow.

  • Steam Traps: Choose from Thermodynamic, Inverted bucket, Ball float, Thermostatic and Liquid drainer options for effective steam management.

  • Line Blinds: We offer Spectacle (figure 8), Paddle, Slide blinds and Spacer rings for safe and easy isolation of piping sections.

  • Closures: Durable and easy-to-install closures for secure sealing of piping systems.

  • Expansion & Swivel Joints: Ideal for accommodating thermal expansion and misalignment in pipelines.

  • Repair Clamps: Quick and efficient solution for repairing leaks and damages in pipes.

  • Bleed Rings: Perfect for draining pipes and pressure testing without dismantling the piping system.

  • Pressure Regulators: Maintain consistent pressure levels for optimal system performance.

  • Suction Diffusers: Enhance pump efficiency by filtering debris and providing a smooth flow profile.

  • Air Vents & Flame Arresters: Essential for releasing trapped air and preventing flame propagation in gas lines.

  • Filters: Comprehensive range including Lube oil, Hydraulic, Fuel, Air, Coolant and Fuel/Water filters for various applications.

Each product in our range of piping accessories is crafted with precision and care, ensuring you get the best performance and reliability from your piping systems. Trust DNOW for all your piping accessory needs and experience unparalleled quality and service.

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