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DNOW Publishes Corporate Sustainability Report for 2020

September 14, 2021

DNOW 2020 Sustainability Report is now available for download
Click on the image above to view the sustainability report

At DNOW, we seek to drive sustainability throughout our business to deliver long-term, profitable growth to our shareholders, while also helping to fulfill the needs of our customers as we develop innovative and more sustainable ways to operate. We endeavor to create positive change globally and in our local communities by minimizing waste and pollution, supporting organizations that possess aligned sustainability goals and maintaining fair and honest business policies.

We are committed to working to minimize our impact on the environment through energy management conservation initiatives, responsible water conservation and recycling, where applicable. We also strive to invest in our employees, our communities and the industries in which we operate.

This year, for our 2020 report, we continue this important journey by updating and expanding our commentary in our Unlocking Sustainable Value ESG report. To find out more and to download a copy of the report, please visit our Corporate Sustainability page.

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