DNOW Launches AccessNOW™ Inventory Control Solutions

DistributionNOW is proud to offer AccessNOW – our suite of un-manned inventory control and inventory management solutions, designed and built for industrial applications. With cameras, sensors, smart locks and automatic data collection, our AccessNOW solutions help you better manage inventory integrity and optimize forecasting so that supplies are on hand when they are needed.

AccessNOW™ Solutions

  • AccessNOW Port Remote Storeroom – converts any CONEX container into a secure, automated inventory storeroom that can be moved between job sites
  • AccessNOW Crib Automated Storeroom – converts any space into a secure, automated inventory storeroom for an unlimited number of items
  • AccessNOW Stock Industrial Vending – an innovative, tamper-proof and maintenance‑free industrial vending machine at the lowest cost and highest capacity
  • AccessNOW Chem Chemical Storage – a non-flammable corrosion-proof cabinet designed to house up to 69 gallons of chemicals and solvents securely
  • AccessNOW Wave RFID Enhancement – enables full RFID capabilities for any of our AccessNOW solutions, with a cost up to 10 times less

Solve Your Inventory Control Problems

AccessNOW is a powerful and cost-effective solution to some of your biggest inventory control problems:

  • Stock-outs
  • Excessive usage
  • Lack of accountability and control
  • Lack of inventory management
  • Shrinkage
  • Little or no data collection
  • Transactional costs for placing redundant orders for often-used items
  • Product expiration

Ready to Learn More?

Check out our AccessNOW Inventory Control Solutions page for more information, or schedule a demo today!

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