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DNOW Launches AccessNOW™ Inventory Control Solutions

December 01, 2021


AccessNOW™ Solutions

  • AccessNOW Port Remote Storeroom – converts any CONEX container into a secure, automated inventory storeroom that can be moved between job sites
  • AccessNOW Crib Automated Storeroom – converts any space into a secure, automated inventory storeroom for an unlimited number of items
  • AccessNOW Stock Industrial Vending – an innovative, tamper-proof and maintenance‑free industrial vending machine at the lowest cost and highest capacity
  • AccessNOW Chem Chemical Storage – a non-flammable corrosion-proof cabinet designed to house up to 69 gallons of chemicals and solvents securely
  • AccessNOW Wave RFID Enhancement – enables full RFID capabilities for any of our AccessNOW solutions, with a cost up to 10 times less

Solve Your Inventory Control Problems

AccessNOW is a powerful and cost-effective solution to some of your biggest inventory control problems:

  • Stock-outs
  • Excessive usage
  • Lack of accountability and control
  • Lack of inventory management
  • Shrinkage
  • Little or no data collection
  • Transactional costs for placing redundant orders for often-used items
  • Product expiration

Ready to Learn More?

Check out our AccessNOW Inventory Control Solutions page for more information, or schedule a demo today!

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