Industrial Chemicals & Cleaners

DistributionNOW stocks the major brands of industrial chemical cleaning solutions used to remove water-insoluble substances like grease and oils, to break down corrosion and rust, cleaning sensitive electronics and electrical equipment, remove dirt, tar and wax build up, protect from welding spatter and more. Contact us today for the everyday products you need to maintain your rig or facility.


Products Offered

We have a wide range of industrial chemical cleaners that meets the tough cleaning challenges of your industry, whether it is for your drilling, welding or industrial maintenance requirements. Our line of high-performance cleaning products include:

  • Degreasers & solvents
  • Penetrants
  • Electrical contact cleaner
  • Battery terminal protector
  • Cable cleaner
  • Anti-spatter
  • Cold galvanize
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Leak detection liquid
  • Smoke detector tester


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Our Industrial Chemicals & Cleaners Suppliers

Bostik (Never-Seez)
CRC Industries
DAP Products
DistributionNOW Private Label
Dow Chemical
Elmer's Products
Federal Process Corp.
Henkel (Loctite®)
ITW Performance Polymers (Devcon®)
ITW Performance Polymers (Permatex®)
ITW Professional Brands (LPS®)
LA-CO Industries (Markal®)
Marvel Mystery Oil
Red Devil
Relton Corp.
RSC Chemical Solutions
RSC Chemical Solutions (Gunk®)
Shamrock Specialties
Sherwin-Williams (Diversified Brands)
Sherwin-Williams (Tri-Flow Lubricants)
Steco Corp. (Tap Magic)