Oilfield Solutions for Well Production and Eco-Compliance

Soap Sticks, Rig Wash, Pit Liners and Environmental Tanks

At DNOW, our unwavering commitment to the environment drives us to offer essential environmental solutions for the oil and gas industry. We provide a diverse range of products from chemical soap sticks enhancing well production to efficient rig wash solutions for the toughest petroleum-based contaminants. Our high-quality pit liners and contamination-prevention tanks adhere to strict environmental regulations ensuring eco-friendly operations. These environmental solutions are more than products; they embody our pledge to positively impact the ecosystem while meeting industry needs. Partner with us to explore a product range that includes collaborations with leading industry suppliers.

DNOW sells heavy-duty drills, assorted production supplies and more to remove oilfield soils and breakdown grime.

Product Offerings

Soap Sticks

Enhancing Well Production

Elevate your well’s performance with our versatile range of soluble chemical soap sticks. Designed to manage challenging downhole conditions, these sticks are pivotal in amplifying production efficiency.

Types of Soap Sticks:

  • Acid Sticks
  • Antifreeze Inhibitor Sticks
  • Corrosion/Rust Inhibitor Sticks
  • Foaming Soap Sticks
  • Gas Water Soluble Sticks
  • Gel Sticks
  • Oil Foam Sticks
  • Salt Build-Up Inhibiting
  • Salt Cap Sticks
DNOW sells chemical soap sticks designed for downhole conditions, including foaming, acid, gel, antifreeze, corrosion inhibiting, and more.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships:
DNOW Private Label
Select Industries

Rig Wash

Industry-Grade Cleaning Solutions

Combat the rigorous challenges of oilfield and industrial contaminants with our powerful rig wash degreasers. From powders to eco-safe liquids, our solutions ensure a pristine environment for your operations. To explore the full extent of our expertise in industrial cleaning solutions, visit our industrial cleaning solutions topic.

Types of Rig Wash:

  • Powders
  • Heavy-Duty Liquids
  • Concentrates
  • Biodegradable, Eco-Safe Liquids
DNOW sells rig wash products, including powders, heavy-duty liquids, concentrates and eco-friendly biodegradable solutions for industrial cleaning.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships:
Dulon International
MG Cleaners
Simple Green®
Titan Chemical Solutions

Pit Liners

Safeguarding Our Environment

Stay compliant and eco-conscious with our premium pit liners. They are indispensable in managing hazardous materials prevalent in the oil, gas, and mining landscapes, ensuring environmental safety.

Types of Pit Liners:

  • Oil containment
  • Flowback containment
  • Chemical containment
  • Water & wastewater containment
DNOW sells pit liners designed for oil, gas and mining operations, ensuring containment of oil, flowback, chemicals and wastewater for eco-compliance.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships:
BTL Liners
Integra Plastics
Layfield Group

Environmental Tanks

Leak Contamination Prevention

Protect air, water, and soil with our top-notch environmental tanks. Purpose-built to curb any potential liquid contamination, these tanks epitomize reliability.

Environmental Tank Uses:

  • Managing packing leaks from pumps
  • Handling overflow from vent & flare lines
  • Preventing oil leaks from gas compressors
DNOW sells environmental tanks designed to prevent liquid contamination, addressing packing leaks, vent overflows and oil leaks from gas compressors.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships:
Pollution Control Corp.


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Soap sticks are soluble chemical sticks designed to manage downhole conditions in wells. They help in various ways, but the most common use is creating a foam lighter than water. This process reduces the stickiness of the water, making it easier to move. As a result, the natural pressure from below can easily push the water and foam mix up and out through the tubes.

Our rig wash products are formulated to efficiently combat petroleum-based contaminants commonly found in oilfield and industrial settings.

Pit liners are designed to manage hazardous materials common in oil, gas, and mining operations. They play a crucial role in containing substances like oil, flowback, chemicals and wastewater, ensuring these materials don't harm the environment.

Yes, among our variety of rig wash products, we offer biodegradable and eco-safe liquid solutions that prioritize environmental care without compromising cleaning efficiency.

Environmental tanks are essential in various scenarios, such as managing packing leaks from pumps, handling overflow from vent and flare lines and preventing oil leaks from gas compressors. Their primary purpose is to prevent liquid contamination of air, water and soil.

DNOW collaborates with industry-leading suppliers to offer top-tier products. Our commitment to operational excellence and environmental safety ensures that our products meet the highest industry standards. You can learn more about our dedication to quality on our quality assurance page.
At DNOW, we recognize the importance of robust and effective janitorial supplies in maintaining a clean and safe industrial environment. Our range of cleaning products is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry. From heavy-duty cleaners to eco-friendly solutions, our janitorial supplies ensure that your operations remain clean and compliant with industry standards. Discover our extensive selection of janitorial products and learn how they can enhance your operational cleanliness and efficiency.