Emissions Management

DNOW Process Solutions uses advanced technology to help you monitor and reduce your carbon footprint, meet your scope 1 GHG emissions targets and minimize fuel gas waste.

Defining the Methane Emissions Problem

As the main component of natural gas, methane represents the 2nd biggest component of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the petroleum and natural gas systems sector, especially in the Permian, Gulf Coast and Williston basins. Pneumatic controllers and actuators are one of the largest sources of methane emissions in oil & gas production, transmission and storage applications.

91.5 million
metric tons methane emissions (CO2e)

Reported 2019 in petroleum & natural gas sector (epa.gov)

These GHG emissions, measured by carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) volume, represent the potential effect for climate change. Operators understand that significantly reducing reported emissions is an important part of meeting company and government environmental targets. Not only that – wasted natural gas represents a considerable loss of a valuable energy resource and revenue for oil and gas operators.

Helping You Reduce GHG Emissions

DNOW Process Solutions experts work with you to determine your specific requirements, based on your equipment and your emissions goals. We size compressors appropriate for the pneumatic devices you have on site to eliminate fuel gas use, if possible.

Here's a standard instrument air compressor package:

  • Reciprocating air compressor(s)
  • Desiccant air dryer
  • Vertical air receiver
  • Instrumentation & interconnecting PVF
  • Electrical junction box & transformer
  • Steel skid, mounting compressor(s) & dryer

How DNOW helped one customer reduce their carbon footprint

DNOW Process solutions is working with one oil and gas operator to meet their goal of reducing methane intensity by at least 70% over the next 5 years. We’ve provided more than 150 instrument air compressor packages for tank battery sites over the past 3-4 years, both as modular skids and permanent installations.

Contact us today to learn how DNOW can help you reach your emissions goals!

About Process Solutions

DNOW Process Solutions – which includes Power Service and Odessa Pumps – fabricates modular, turnkey solutions and service for compressors, pumps and process equipment designed for your specific applications.

Power Service
Odessa Pumps

Build It Now With eSpec™

eSpec product configurator is the quick and easy way to order your instrument air compressor packages. Choose design options and material specifications for your project, and then watch as the system creates a 3D drawing and a priced, complete technical proposal that you can submit to DNOW in one click.

  • Build anytime, anywhere – even multiple packages for a single project submission
  • Get real-time estimates – a complete technical quote is generated with estimated pricing
  • Build for the future – save your designs for upcoming projects and easy reordering
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