Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

As with all of our offerings, we select the compression technology and automation package based on your conditions of service. By utilizing this approach, we ensure that your Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) will provide trouble-free operation. Our multiple packaging options allow us to customize your facility to any level of redundancy and stand alone capability that you require.

Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

Our multiple packaging options for the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) allow us to customize your facility to any level of redundancy and stand-alone capability that you require to remove unwanted vapors present in crude oil or distillate tanks, allowing operators to comply with prevailing emission regulations.


  • Standard B31.3 piping construction
  • Wind, snow and seismic calculations
  • Lifting plans, FEA and torsional calculations available
  • PE-stamped buildings and structural
  • Steel frame, panel and fiberglass buildings
  • Electrical classifications
  • All of our facilities are available in either non-classified, C1D2 or C1D1 designs
  • Optional enclosure for cold weather packages

VRU Major Components and Features

We will design and build your unit to fit your specific requirements, while meeting industry standards.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  1. Electrical - our team can work closely with you to design fully integrated PLC and control options including starters and VFD, flow computers, and SCDA integration
  2. Pumps - our compression technology is selected based on flow and pressure. Our team will help you find the best solution from a wide selection of options including rotary vain, reciprocating and flooded screw
  3. Pipe & Fittings - a wide selection of PVF can be integrated into any system depending on customers needs
  4. Valves - our selection of recycle valves can maintain system run time and prevent liquid buildup
  5. Filtration - we offer inlet and discharge scrubbers, which can be sized for flow rate, pressure and gas specifics
  6. Gas Cooling - our vapor recovery units offer gas cooling systems to meet your unique system requirements

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Rates Up to 2 MMCFD +
Pressures Up to 1440 PSIG +


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