Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

As with all of our offerings, we select the compression technology and automation package based on your conditions of service. By utilizing this approach, we ensure that your Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) will provide trouble-free operation. Our multiple packaging options allow us to customize your facility to any level of redundancy and stand alone capability that you require.

Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)
Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Skid Package Bill of Materials (BOM)


  • Standard B31.3 piping construction
  • Wind, snow and seismic calculations
  • Lifting plans, FEA and torsional calculations available
  • PE-stamped buildings and structural
  • Steel frame, panel and fiberglass buildings
  • Electrical classifications
  • All of our facilities are available in either non-classified, C1D2 or C1D1 designs
  • Optional enclosure for cold weather packages


Rates Up to 2 MMCFD +
Pressures Up to 1440 PSIG +


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