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TS&M Supply Fiberglass is a leading supplier of NOV Fiber Glass Systems products to oil & gas operators across Canada. We are your premier source for Fiberspar™ spoolable products and 4rd SP/SPH jointed line pipe. We also provide corrosion-resistant downhole tubing, casing and facility piping from Red Thread™ and Bondstrand™. Our expert technicians can provide technical guidance and supervision throughout the process, from product selection to installation.



TS&M Supply Fiberglass is a division of DistributionNOW that specializes in the installation, technical support and supply of the NOV Fiber Glass Systems composite products. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service ensuring the highest quality in all aspects throughout product selection, engineering and installation. We are the largest distributor worldwide of the Fiber Glass Systems products. Our group consists of 25 highly trained field technicians (factory-trained and certified) that work throughout North America with a combined oilfield fiberglass piping experience of more than 300 years. We currently have 8 stocking locations located in the United States and Canada.

Why Engage with Us?

One of the biggest factors in setting TS&M Supply apart is our firm belief in supporting our community at a local level. We are very proud of the fact that we are now, and have always been, a very active community leader and supporter.

We Offer the Greener Choice

TS&M is committed to supplying the right products and solutions to not only benefit our customers but also the environment.

We Offer LinePipe Solutions

TS&M’s technical expertise, products & commitment to service & safety ensures we will meet your requirements.

We Offer Full Line of Services

TS&M offers a stock full line of services, from wireline & pusher unit to in-house training, certification, and more.

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TS&M Supply Fiberglass distributes a full line of pipeline, spoolable, downhole, facility and pexgol products. Select one of categories below to learn more.


  • Does not corrode
  • Rapid installation - minimum people and equipment
  • Reliable joining systems
  • Light weight
  • Improved flow characteristics
  • Reduced paraffin and scale build-up
  • No expensive alloys
  • No welding or x-rays
  • No need for cathodic protection
  • No chemical inhibitors required
  • No need for coatings
  • Reduced inspection/monitoring costs

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