API 610 Power End Upgrades

Need an upgrade on your legacy (pre-8th Edition) API 610 equipment? DNOW U.S. Process Solutions configurable services are here to help, ensuring your machinery meets the latest standards per current API 610 standards and API 682 sealed chamber dimensions.

Image of API 610 Pump with Power End Upgrade Services from DNOW.

Product Description


Want to keep your legacy (pre-8th Edition) API 610 centrifugal pump running longer and safer? Our experts offers power-end upgrade services that enable you to bring your existing centrifugal pump up to current API 610 standards and API 682 sealed chamber dimensions. We provide a complete solution for converting your pump quickly and easily, with minimal downtime and disruption. With our knowledgeable technicians and engineers on-hand to ensure the job is done right the first time—you can rest assured knowing that your API configuration is backed by unbeatable industry experience.


  • Complete power end repairs and replacement
  • Complete sealed chamber replacement
  • Use existing casing and impeller
  • Maintain existing hydraulics
  • Use existing piping
  • Use existing baseplate
  • Use existing motor location
  • 2- to 4-week turnaround is typical


  • Cost savings compared to new pump unit fabrication
  • Improved energy efficiency saving operation costs
  • Increased wear life reducing operating/maintenance costs
  • Increased pump effectiveness and reliability optimizing process operations


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