Pump Alignment and Startup Services

DNOW U.S. Process Solutions group can provide complete field service offerings for aligning and startup new and existing pumping equipment. We use laser alignment tools and proven procedures with our professional and factory-trained field technicians. We provide this service on new installations and existing equipment. Our experts can also help you with proper startup procedures to get you running safely and efficiently.

Odessa Pumps provides alignments and startup services to insure customer compliance with industry standards.

Product Description

Alignment and startup service can help keep your pumping system running efficiently and safely. We offer professional, factory-trained field technicians who will use laser alignment tools to provide optimal performance and protection for your equipment. Our comprehensive service includes laser hot/cold alignment, pipe strain evaluation and corrective action, initial pump lubrication, pre-commissioning checklist, priming, proper system startup sequence and condition monitoring after startup. With our expert knowledge and industry experience, you can trust us to get you up and running with minimal downtime.


  • Laser hot/cold alignment
  • Pipe strain evaluation & corrective action
  • Initial pump lubrication
  • Pre-commissioning checklist
  • Priming
  • Proper system start-up sequence
  • Condition monitoring after start-up


  • Minimize downtime by getting your system up & running quickly & safely
  • Increase efficiency with an optimized setup of your pumping equipment
  • Accurately identify any issues prior to start up
  • Tried and tested procedures ensure reliable functioning


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