Self-Priming Pumps

Your Centrifugal Pump Solution for Efficient Water Transfer and Waste Management

Our affiliated brands, Power Service and Odessa Pumps, offer a full line of self-priming and vacuum-assist centrifugal pumps for purchase and rental through our DNOW U.S. Process Solutions operating unit. These pumps are ideal for applications where the supply fluid is below the pump's suction. Tailored to meet various industrial requirements, these pumps excel in various scenarios, including water transfer, dewatering, and complex applications such as handling sewage and waste. Experience effortless priming and superior efficiency in your fluid management tasks today!


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Maximize efficiency with DNOW U.S. Process Solution's Self-Priming and Vacuum-Assist Centrifugal Pumps, perfect for diverse industrial applications like water transfer, wastewater sump management, and dewatering. Their sturdy construction, made of materials like stainless steel and bronze, ensures longevity. Our self-priming design simplifies operations, eliminating manual priming and adeptly handling air in the liquid. Ideal for handling a wide range of fluids including those with high viscosity, these pumps are tailored for effective fluid handling.


Self-priming pumps are employed in many industries and tasks due to their ability to function without manual priming and handle air in the liquid. Here are some common applications:

  • Water transfer: Self-priming pumps are adept at moving liquids between locations and are helpful in various situations, such as industrial process applications.

  • Wastewater sump: These pumps are ideal for sump pits, which collect wastewater in basements or crawl spaces. Their self-priming ability ensures they can function even when the pit is not full.

  • Dewatering: These pumps are vital for eliminating water from unwanted locations, such as flooded basements, construction sites, or mines. Their ability to handle air mixed with water makes them suitable for dewatering applications.

  • Sewage pits: Self-priming pumps are frequently used in sewage treatment facilities and emptying sewage pits because they can handle solids and air.

  • Trash pumping: Some self-priming pumps can handle solids and debris, making them suitable for applications like pumping sewage or industrial wastewater handling.

  • Food processing rendering: Self-priming pumps can transfer liquids and materials during the rendering process in food processing plants.


Materials of Construction Cast iron, ductile iron, 316 stainless steel, bronze
Flow Rate Up to 3,000 gpm
Pressure Range Up to 200 psig
Temperature Range 32° F to 250° F

A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

Note: Odessa Pumps is an authorized distributor of Gorman-Rupp and Griswold for select markets; Power Service is an authorized distributor of Flowserve for select markets.