Progressive Cavity Pumps

DistributionNOW’s full line of progressive cavity (PC) pumps is perfect for fluid transfer of higher viscosity and shear-sensitive liquids.

Progressive Cavity Pump


Our PC pumps are well suited to applications that require constant flow and minimal pulse on the process fluid:

  • Fluid metering
  • High-viscosity liquids
  • Shear-sensitive liquids
  • Multi-phase fluid transfer
  • Automatic custody transfer (LACT/ACT)
  • Drilling mud transfer
  • Crude oil transfer


Materials of Construction Cast iron, 316 stainless steel and a variety of rotor & stator materials
Flow Rate Up to 63,000 bpd
Pressure Range Up to 1,000 psig
Temperature Range Up to 212° F

Our Suppliers

  • NOV Moyno™