Pipe Coatings

Count on DNOW for standard and high-performance pipe coatings for a range of applications. We carry both coatings and wrap - whatever you need, DNOW is your single source.

Pipe Coatings Pipe Coatings
Pipe Coatings Pipe Coatings

Products & Services

Our high-performance coatings are long-lasting corrosion protection for the most demanding applications. All of our coatings are lead-free, chromate-free and VOC compliant.

  • Acrylics (solvent, waterborne)
  • Alkyds (oil-based enamels, high solids)
  • Epoxies (high build, high solids)
  • Polyurethanes
  • High-temperature coatings
  • Primers
  • Cold galvanizing compounds
  • Pipe wrap tape

We develop and maintain close relationships with coating suppliers around the world. These facilities offer several additional benefits to our customers:

  • Proprietary coating specification
  • Third-party inspections
  • Storage of coated inventory


Specifications DNOW proprietary spec, customer-specific specs, NACE and others
Types FBE, ARO, 3LPP, 3LPE, concrete, paint and others

Our Suppliers

  • A&A Coating
  • Bayou Companies
  • Commercial Resins
  • Dura-Bond Industries
  • Jindal SAW
  • Midwest Pipe Coating
  • Seal for Life Industries (Powercrete®)
  • Seal for Life Industries (STOPAQ®)
  • Shawcor
  • Womble Company