Produced Water Transfer

Whether by pipeline or truck, our extensive knowledge of hydraulics as well as fabrication and automation ensure that your facility will provide unmatched reliability. Our engineering capabilities and experience in the fabrication of water transfer units provide our customers with the best facilities in the industry.

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Skid Major Components and Features

Our Produced Water Transfer fabrication unit provides a total water solution. With multiple pump technologies available, we select our equipment based on the correct fit for your application.

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  • Filtration
  • Truck grounding systems
  • Standard B31.3 piping construction
  • Lifting plans, FEA and torsional calculations available
  • Mag particle and dye pen testing available
  • Wind, snow and seismic calculations
  • PE-stamped buildings and structure
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, and Composite Piping
  • Steel frame, panel and fiberglass buildings
  • Optional enclosure for cold weather packages


Flowrates Up to 60,000 bbl/day +
Pressures Up to 1,000 PSIG +

Produced Water Transfer Downloads

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