Gas Conditioning Systems

DistributionNOW Process Solutions offers modular, cost-effective gas conditioning solutions for every application. Each project is assigned a dedicated team, which uses simulation software and 3D modeling to design and fabricate the ideal configuration.

Products Offered

Most systems are modular and skid-mounted, with instrumentation and controls for local or remote operation.

  • Glycol dehydration systems
  • Gas production units (GPU)
  • Fine filtration systems
  • Coalescing filtration systems
  • Process heating systems
  • Pressure regulating systems
  • J-T gas conditioning
  • Cooling systems
  • Cold-weather enclosures


Materials of Construction Carbon steel, stainless & alloy steel
Dimensions Vessels up to 12 ft. diameter, 100 ft. length, 8 in. wall thickness
Lifting Capabilities Up to 100 tons
Non-Destructive Testing Ultrasonic, hydrostatic, radiographic, dye penetrant inspection, positive material identification (PMI), hardness and others
Finishing Surface prep, blasting, internal and external coating, painting
Engineering Support Design, process simulation, finite element analysis (FEA)


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