Launchers and Receivers

DNOW Process Solutions group offers pigging launchers and receivers built to any specification and size. Our in-house design, engineering, fabrication and testing capability produces various pig and sphere launching and receiving systems.

Photo: Powering up pipelines with precision, the state-of-the-art pigging launcher and receiver from Power Service.

Product Description

DNOW keeps your pipelines running smoothly with high-quality pigging launchers and receivers. We have everything from basic designs to advanced, high-tech solutions to ensure your pipeline operations run smoothly. Whether you need a simple pig trap or a complex system with multiple vessels, we have you covered.


  • Versatility: Our launchers and receivers can be used with various pipeline pigs, including foam, steel and polyurethane pigs.
  • Durability: Our products use only the best materials to ensure maximum durability and longevity.
  • Safety: We design safety features such as pressure relief valves, safety interlocks and emergency shutdown systems.
  • Ease of use: Pipeline pigging operations can be carried out quickly and efficiently with quick-opening closures and removable covers.
  • Customizable: We offer a range of options, such as size, pressure rating and material selection.
Photo: A pigging launcher & receiver skid on its way to power up pipelines across the country, fabricated by Power Service, a DistributionNOW company.
Photo: Power Service pigging launcher meter skid is loaded and ready to hit the road to keep a customer's pipelines flowing smoothly!

Products Offered

We offer a wide range of pig launchers, receivers and associated equipment for large or small-diameter pipelines.

  • Barrel launchers and receivers
  • Turnkey, skid-mounted designs
  • Pig signalers (manual & electric)
  • Control systems
  • Actuated valves
  • Quick-opening closures
  • Bi-directional designs
  • Conventional and smart piggable designs
  • Gas and liquid service
Photo: Our pipeline launchers and receiver skids are prepped and ready for shipping to keep our customer's pipelines.

Our Capabilities

Materials of Construction Carbon steel, stainless and alloy steel
Dimensions 4 in. - 48 in. and custom sizes upon request
Pressure Rating ANSI 150 - 1500
Non-Destructive Testing Ultrasonic, hydrostatic, radiographic, dye penetrant inspection, positive material identification (PMI), hardness and others
Finishing Surface prep, blasting, internal and external coating, painting


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