Industrial Vending

Streamline your inventory management and reduce costs through automation. DistributionNOW Supply Chain Services offers a variety of solutions that implement vending machines to cover a wide range of point-of-use applications.

We handle everything, from order to delivery to setup. Plus, our cutting-edge vending solutions are backed by advanced technologies, allowing you to run usage analytics and ensure inventory accountability at every site.

We supply innovative, tamper-proof, and maintenance-free industrial vending machine that provides the lowest-cost and highest-capacity vending solution in the world. The proprietary design eliminates the need for thousands of costly mechanisms, motors, and moving parts that are found in traditional coil, carousel, scale, and locker vending systems, thereby drastically decreasing the chance of a breakdown while increasing storage space by 50 to 75%.

Material Assets & Inventory Management

From simpler industrial vending options to more robust inventory management solutions, DNOW offers multiple ways to get the most out of your inventory. See if a tailored approach is right for your operation.