Lubricants and Lubrication Supplies

Experience Optimal Machinery Performance with Premium Lubrication Solutions

At DNOW, we are committed to providing the highest quality industrial lubrication solutions tailored to diverse industry needs. From everyday automotive oils and greases to specialized lubricants, our extensive product range ensures optimal performance and longevity for your machinery. Explore our offerings and let our team guide you to the right solution our range meets all industry needs. Trust DNOW for peak machinery performance.

DNOW sells different types of lubricants and lubrication supplies.

Product Offerings

Oil and Greases

When machinery grinds or automotive engines roar, they rely on quality industrial lubricants to maintain their momentum. We're here to provide the lubrication products essential for your day-to-day operations.

Products include:

  • Motor oil: Engineered for optimal engine performance.
  • Gear oil: Protects against wear and tear in gear mechanisms.
  • Hydraulic oil: For hydraulic systems demanding the highest lubrication quality.
  • Air tool oil: Maximizes air tool efficiency and lifespan.
  • Transmission fluid: Ensures smooth gear shifts and longevity.
  • Stick grease: For specific applications needing solid grease.
  • Bulk grease: When quantity meets quality.
DNOW automotive and machinery lubricants, including motor oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, air tool oil, transmission fluid, stick grease and bulk grease
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

Lubricants and Penetrants

For all your industrial lubricant and penetrant needs, whether it is to combat corrosion or free up frozen parts, DNOW is here to assist with multi-purpose products.

Products include:

  • Anti-seize compounds: Ensure easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Dry lubricants: Provides lubrication without the mess.
  • Penetrants: Designed to seep through and release jammed components.
DNOW's lubricants and penetrants, including anti-seize compounds, dry lubricants and penetrants to combat corrosion and release frozen components.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships
CRC Industries
Henkel (Loctite®)
Kano Laboratories

Lubrication Fittings

When it comes to finding lubrication fittings for your lubrication system, DNOW is here to help. Our industrial lubrication fittings come in a range of sizes, materials and standards.

Products include:

  • Grease fittings: Standard and custom designs for all applications.
  • Hose assemblies: Reliable conduits for your lubrication products.
  • Vents & breathers: Maintain system pressure and keep contaminants out.
  • Lubrication Fittings: Ensure optimal flow and application.
DNOW's lubricants and penetrants, including anti-seize compounds, dry lubricants and penetrants to combat corrosion and release frozen components.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships


We provide easy-to-use oilers and strong grease guns for machines. Perfect for equipment needing consistent lubrication.

Products include:

  • Oilers
  • Grease guns
DNOW's selection of industrial lubricators, showcasing automatic oilers and heavy-duty grease guns for machinery.
A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships


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For a convenient buying experience, check out DNOW's B2B eCommerce store. We offer a streamlined process to purchase all your lubrication needs online. To learn more, visit our eCommerce solution page.

Lubrication ensures smooth operations, reduces wear and tear and prolongs machinery and equipment life.

DNOW offers a comprehensive range, including automotive and machinery lubricants such as motor oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, penetrants, grease fittings and more.

DNOW stocks trusted brands like Chevron, Citgo, ExxonMobil, Shell, CRC Industries, Henkel (Loctite®), Kano Laboratories, Sprayon and WD-40®, among others.

Contact us directly and our team will provide you with a quote based on your requirements and the brands you prefer.

These are specialized products designed to combat corrosion, free up frozen parts and ensure smooth machinery operations.

DNOW's range includes grease fittings, hose assemblies, vents, breathers and other essential fittings for lubrication systems.

Oilers typically automate the lubrication process, ensuring consistent application, while grease guns are manual tools used to apply grease to specific areas of machinery.