Food Service Essentials

Kitchen and Dining Solutions for Every Occasion

At DNOW, we provide impeccable food service essentials. From corporate event preparations to intimate gatherings, our broad spectrum of kitchen products, non-perishable items and disposable dinnerware ensures that every need is catered to with precision and style. Explore unparalleled quality food service products every facility needs.


Product Information


Discover the epitome of culinary convenience with our kitchen and dining solutions. Every product in our collection reflects our commitment to excellence, from preparation to presentation, we've got you covered. With an emphasis on durability, style and unmatched quality, we ensure you're equipped with the best.

Product Offerings

  • Bottled Water: Pure, refreshing and always at the ready.
  • Coffee and Coffee Service Products: Elevate your coffee sessions with our premium range of service products.
  • Disposable Dinnerware: From plates and cups to bowls, elegance meets convenience for every occasion.
  • Food and Condiments: A gourmet selection of flavors and essentials, perfect for enhancing every dish and delighting the palate.
  • Paper goods: Premium quality, eco-friendly options for serving, storing, and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.
  • Cookware and Food Preparation: Tools designed for durability and finesse, ensuring a delightful cooking journey.
  • Cup Dispensers: Efficient and stylish solutions to streamline your serving experience.
  • Foil and Plastic Wrap: Preserve freshness and seal in flavors with our top-notch wrapping solutions.
  • Ice Makers: Always stay prepared for gatherings with consistent ice at your disposal.
  • Resealable Bags: An eco-friendly choice for preserving and storing with ease.
  • Kitchen Knives and Utensils: Precision, balance and design are combined for your culinary endeavors.
  • Water Filters: Guaranteeing purity in every drop, making hydration healthier.

Features and Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Many of our products including paper goods and resealable bags prioritize sustainability and minimal environmental impact.
  • Convenience Redefined: Our disposable plates, cups and bowls are perfect for events or busy days, merging elegance with ease of use.
  • Enhanced Food Preservation: With items like foil, plastic wrap and resealable bags keep your food fresher for longer and prevent waste.
  • Expert Support: DNOW's sales team is always ready to assist, guide and ensure that you get the products you need.
  • Timely Deliveries: Fast shipping and careful packaging mean your kitchen and dining essentials arrive in perfect condition and when you need them.
  • Trust and Reputation: Buying from DNOW means investing in a brand with a stellar reputation known for consistent excellence and customer satisfaction.

A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

Dart Container Corp.
Dart Container Corp. (Solo®)
Prime Source®
S.C. Johnson & Son (Ziploc®)


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Yes, our products are ideal for a range of occasions including corporate events, special celebrations or even for everyday use.

Yes, we have a selection of disposable plates, cups and bowls for your convenience.

We provide items like foil, plastic wrap and resealable bags to help maintain the freshness of your food.

Yes, we have water filters in our product lineup to ensure you get pure, clean water.

We have an extensive range of kitchen tools including top-grade kitchen knives and utensils to assist in your culinary endeavors.