Completions Services

DistributionNOW Thru Tubing specializes in clean outs and drill outs, cased-hole fishing jobs, frac assist services and all forms of well interventions, on both coil tubing and conventional workover rigs. And with zero recordable safety incidents, our experts deliver safely and efficiently so you can move on to the next phase of your well plan.


Clean Outs & Drill Outs

Our experienced hands are backed by quality tools and current data in both workover rig and coil tubing applications.

  • Reliable and efficient mud motors in many different sizes for specific cased hole environments
  • Custom carbide mills designed for a variety of downhole applications
  • Durable running tools
  • Zero recordable safety incidents to date
  • Superior quality control standards
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1-11/16 in. Abaco powered mud motors

2-1/8 in. Abaco powered mud motors

2-7/8 in. Abaco powered conventional mud motors (2.8 - 4.0 max rate)

3-1/8 in. Abaco powered conventional mud motors (6.0 max rate)

3-3/8 in. Abaco powered conventional mud motors (6.0 max rate)

Running Tools

Coil connectors (weld-on, slip style, dimple), dual flapper check valves, hydraulic disconnects, motor head assemblies, AV subs, circulation subs, burst subs


CT Energy extended reach tool, Teledrill HydroHammer, NOV Agitator™

Add-On Options

Oscillators, bi-directional hydraulic jars, impact amplifiers (NOV Intensifier™, G-Force Jars Impactor), BICO PBL® tool

Rig Tools

Pup subs, filter screens, flow meters, R and RN landing nipples, EUE tubing nipples, 1F2R float subs, wiper darts, drilling hose (5000 and 10000 psi), hammer unions

Our Clean Outs & Drill Outs Suppliers

Abaco Drilling Technologies
BICO Drilling Tools
Coil Solutions Inc.
Coiled Tubing Rental Tools (CTRT)
CT Energy Services
Drillex International
G-Force Jars
Mountain Supply and Service
National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
Venturi Oil Tools

Fishing & Retrieval

We have decades of combined experience in all cased hole fishing procedures, retrieving many types of fish:

  • Packers & retrievable plugs
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) guns
  • Weight/Sinker bars
  • Wire line
  • Casing
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Fishing Motors

2-7/8 in. and 3-1/8 in.

Fishing Tools

NOV Bowen™ overshots, spiral & basket grapples, internal spears, magnets, impression blocks

Venturi Junk Baskets

Finger cage assembly, custom top subs, carbide laced mill shoes, wash pipe

Fishing & Retrieval Downloads

DNOW Thru Tubing Completions Services Flyer file download

Our Fishing & Retrieval Suppliers

Access Downhole
G-Force Jars
National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
Northern Lights Energy Co.
NOV Bowen™
Rubicon Oilfield International
Venturi Oil Tools

Mills, Bits & Shoes

Our fabrication and machine shops run 24/7 to meet the needs of the most challenging downhole jobs.

  • Custom carbide designs
  • Solutions engineered for each customer’s specific needs
  • Design technology backed by current data to achieve optimal success
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Mills & Bits

Custom designs (bladed, inserted, carbide, ANC Starbide™, Pentacut™, Opticut™), tapered end mills, string mills, drag bits, tri-cone/roller cone bits (fixed cutter, hybrid, sealed bearing)

Our Mills, Bits & Shoe Suppliers

American National Carbide (ANC)
Anderson Bit
Downhole Stabilization Inc.
National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
Taurex Drill Bits
Torquato Drilling Accessories
TurnMore Manufacturing
Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits

Frac Assist Services

DNOW Thru Tubing can be available at a moment’s notice, with locations in the Powder River basin, D-J basin and Permian basin. Let us assist with your frac job challenges:

  • Screenouts
  • Fishing services
  • TCP assistance
  • Mis-set plugs
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Frac Assist Services Downloads

DNOW Thru Tubing Completions Services Flyer file download