Plunger Lift Systems

DNOW provides field and local pump shop service, pump tracking, failure analysis and solutions consulting, and customized individual and classroom training.


DistributionNOW offers high-efficiency plunger lift systems built to API specifications. Our plunger lift equipment has the following capabilities:

  • Sweet or sour service equipment options
  • Lubricators capable of up to 10,000 psi working pressure rating
  • Controllers that optimize and monitor all system functions
  • Plungers designed for variable downhole conditions and tubing sizes
  • Bottom hole bumper springs to absorb plunger impact

These systems are environmentally friendly and well-suited to the following applications:

  • Dewatering liquid loading gas wells
  • Wells with high gas-oil ratios
  • Wells with marginal production
  • Wells currently being soaped
  • Paraffin and hydrate control

We also offer a complete range of electronic controllers to optimize plunger cycles, and increase efficiency and production.


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