Plunger Lift Systems

At DNOW, we offer complete plunger lift downhole, surface, and controller equipment. Our dedicated DNOW plunger lift product specialists ensure that your system is designed for cost-effective performance that delivers superior results.

DNOW sells an extensive plunger lift product line designed for each stage of a well's life cycle.

Product information


A plunger lift is often the first artificial lift method used in a well's life cycle. Plunger lift systems are designed to overcome the challenges associated with lower volume, particularly in marginal and aging wells. Our plunger lift product line is designed to offer many benefits, including:

  • Specifically designed to control fluid levels in gas wells
  • Control the buildup of wax, hydrate and paraffin
  • Wells with high gas-to-oil ratios

Our plunger lift equipment has the following capabilities:

  • Sweet or sour service equipment options
  • Lubricators capable of up to 10,000 psi working pressure rating
  • Controllers that optimize and monitor all system functions
  • Plungers designed for variable downhole conditions and tubing sizes
  • Bottom hole bumper springs to absorb plunger impact

These systems are environmentally friendly and well-suited to the following applications:

  • Dewatering liquid loading gas wells
  • Wells with high gas-oil ratios
  • Wells with marginal production
  • Wells currently being soaped
  • Paraffin and hydrate control

We also offer a complete range of electronic controllers to optimize plunger cycles and increase production efficiency.

Products offered

  • Downhole equipment
    • Continuous flow plungers
    • Conventional plungers
    • Padded plungers
    • Cleanout plungers
    • Multi-stage bumper springs (dual plunger)
    • Isolation pack-off assemblies
    • Bumper springs
  • Surface equipment
    • Standard and custom lubricators (1-10K)
    • Valve controllers with SCADA compatibility
    • Tubing seal assemblies
    • Arrival sensors