Technology & Software to Optimize Your Supply Chain

At DNOW, we use best in class software and technology to manage your supply chain with unmatched efficiency. Our goal is to streamline all procurement, logistics and distribution activities, so you can focus on delivering profits to your business' bottom line.


Whether you need an asset tracking system or business-to-business integration support, DNOW will work with our customers to develop the tech solutions to improve productivity.

What You Can Expect:

  • Improved quality management processes
  • Increased supply chain visibility
  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Enhanced communication with vendors and suppliers
  • Stronger cost control across your supply chain
  • Realtime performance monitoring and reporting

Inventory Performance Technology

Categorize, track and replenish your stock with best-in-class tech solutions offered by DNOW. Our wide array of software and systems enable you to enhance productivity across your supply chain and reduce costs at the same time.

Asset Tracking

The technologies used in asset tracking are as various as our customers’ needs for them. Our technology includes Barcodes, QR codes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), GPS and more. We've also got a mobile app that allows access to remote stocking location tracking and utilization reporting. All to help you track product delivery, quality and maintenance history through a product's life span.

Properly applied software equips you with real-time monitoring, which allows you to improve production planning and reduce downtime. DNOW works with customers to develop the solutions that works best for them.

System Integration

DNOW expedites system to system communication. Instead of packaging and mailing a physical invoice, we have the technology to make that happen electronically. We help you standardize processes, improve accuracy and gain efficiencies by automating communication.

Ecommerce App

The DNOW E-commerce App offers remote stocking location material tracking that allows you to scan material and instantly transmit that information to our branch locations. Upon receiving this data, we can proactively replenish that material to help reduce downtime.

If you regularly order a specific set of products, our app enables you to create a "Favorites" list and order materials at the tap of your mobile screen. The app even allows you to denote pickup or delivery preferences for your orders. Through the DNOW app, you can access our entire catalog, complete with information about specific items and products.

Voice to Pick

DNOW's Voice-Picking System is a hands-free version of the scanner that responds to voice commands. It guides product pickers with verbal instructions about product type, quantity and the location to drop the completed order.

Materials Replenishment Planning System

DNOW uses technology to automate center replenishment from our suppliers and distribution centers based on usage data analysis, item reorder points, demand planning/forecasting and min/max levels. Our MRP system is designed to provide you with high material availability, high fill rates and high on-time delivery rates.