Onsite Services

Keep your business humming with the support of technical and management experts committed to advancing your projects.

Dedicated Resources Where and When You Need Them

Facilities, people, inventory, systems and process are key to executing a simplified materials management model. Developing and managing these resources improves service quality and eliminates the complexity in facilities that service multiple customers. Whether we operate in a remote location or onsite at one of our customer's facilities, we have the capacity to make sure all your needs are catered to.

What You Can Expect:

  • Reduced inventory capital investments
  • Right sizing of inventory level to service a single customer's requirements
  • Dedicated personnel and inventory with the ability to modify based on customer needs and requirements
  • Uninterrupted materials planning and staging
  • Standardization and quality of materials improvements
  • Visibility to materials and equipment
  • Increased recovery of surplus and used materials
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved cost control
  • Simplified Materials Management Process

Providing Expert Materials Management Services

From planning and forecasting production equipment and materials to maintenance and repair programs, DNOW offers a full line of onsite services. We take care of materials management, so you can focus on meeting your project goals from start to finish.

Inventory Control

DNOW helps you process, store, maintain and issue out equipment and materials according to your specific project needs. Our inventory control solutions enable us to know exactly what material is where along the way, providing you greater visibility and understanding of your material requirements.

Materials Management

DNOW ensures we have the right level of inventory in line with your project's requirements. Our specialists help determine where to purchase material from, improve control over vendors and actively manage min/max levels onsite.