Identification, Cataloging & Inventory Tracking

Identify, organize and track your stock with advanced materials management solutions that equip you with accurate and relevant insight.

Simplifying Materials Management

To fulfill orders consistently and successfully, you need both a clear understanding of and accurate knowledge about your inventory. From the products you have available to where they're situated in your supply chain, visibility is key to meeting your customers' needs.

At DNOW, we provide a wide array of identification, cataloging and tracking solutions. Our team has extensive experience helping customers prevent or reduce everything from stockouts to misplaced goods and overstocked inventory.

What You can Expect:

  • Ordering efficiency
  • Order accuracy
  • Improved demand planning and forecasting
  • Improved budgeting
  • Purchase tracking
  • Reduced procurement costs
  • Realtime visibility to inventory and materials
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved standardization and quality of material

Inventory Visibility Solutions

Enhance your order fulfillment and distribution strategy with proven solutions that help you pinpoint, organize and track stock across your supply chain. Whatever your business, DNOW specialists are on hand to make sure you have accurate inventory visibility from day one.


Cataloging involves establishing, maintaining and managing materials data within an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. An effective process:

  • Captures all required materials to support facility construction, maintenance and operation
  • Efficiently manages cataloging requests
  • Accurately identifies and classifies materials
  • Smoothly facilitates change to material data
  • Clearly states and tracks all responsibilities

Quality material catalogs can make construction, maintenance and operations more efficient and minimize unplanned downtime. A well-maintained catalog also reduces the risk of unnecessary costs. Incorrect materials selection, expediting, excessive stock holdings, rework - all preventable with a reliable cataloging process.

Asset Tracking

Once we've accurately identified and cataloged your materials and equipment, we can track inventory consumption, maintenance, movements and the availability of key assets.

DNOW uses various tracking methods to monitor inventory and assets. These include but aren't limited to barcode (QR codes), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and GPS.

While asset tracking can be time consuming and expensive, our methods can save your organization time and money. DNOW's system is designed to enhance asset control efficiency and minimize equipment loss. We can also help you manage scheduling for maintenance and service.

Asset tracking enables you to:

  • Improve efficiency and trim costs
  • Adjust company records as equipment is reassigned between departments
  • Quickly and easily locate assets at in realtime
  • Use fewer resources with the aid of an asset tracking system
  • Lower administrative costs, since administrators do not need to track or locate assets manually
  • Utilize assets more effectively
  • Track and reduce asset loss, as well as ensure accountability
  • Immediately know where your assets have been allocated
  • Ensure compliance across all regulatory requirements
  • Get real-time reports on the position of each asset and increase management accuracy