Flexible Operating Model

The distribution industry is highly fragmented, comprised of large companies with global reach and numerous small, local and regional competitors. As a distributor of energy and industrial markets, we offer a wide array of products, services and supply chain solutions across the entire energy value chain, from onshore and offshore drilling of oil and gas, to the exploration and production of oil and gas, the separation, transfer, and disposal of produced water, to the midstream gathering, processing and transmission of oil, gas, water, natural gas liquids (“NGLs”), LNG, and refined petroleum products, to the downstream refining of oil, and the manufacturing of petrochemicals and specialty chemicals. In addition, we provide our products, services and supply chain solutions to other end markets including mining and minerals, municipal water and wastewater and industrial manufacturing.

Our Distribution Channels

We offer a diverse range of products across the energy and industrial markets in the U.S., Canada and internationally. There are thousands of manufacturers of the products used in the markets in which we operate and customers demand a high level of service, responsiveness and availability across a broad set of products and vendors. These market dynamics make the distributor an essential element in the value chain for our customers. Our product offering is aligned to meet the needs of our customer base.


Energy branches are brick and mortar supply store operations that provide products to multiple upstream, midstream and downstream customers from a single location. These branches serve repeat account and walk-in retail customers. Products are inventoried in branch warehouses based on local market needs and are delivered or available for pick-up as needed. These branches serve a geographical radius and provide delivery of products and solutions. A number of locations that service these same customers provide a complementary and expanded set of supply chain services in conjunction with the sale of products.

The distribution channel includes sales and operations professionals trained in the products, applications and customer service required to support customers as they drill, explore, produce, transport and refine oil and gas and other products. The primary product offering includes line pipe, valves, fabrication, valve actuation, fittings and flanges, pumps, OEM equipment, electrical products, mill supplies, tools, safety supplies, PPE, applied products and applications, such as artificial lift systems, coatings and miscellaneous expendable items. We couple the sale of products with supply chain services in the form of inventory planning, inventory management and warehouse management. Supply chain services can be customized to a customer’s requirements and guided by a strategic framework to reduce direct material expenditures and supply chain costs, improve maintenance productivity, reduce inventory-related working capital, streamline time to revenue and manage the risk of material availability affecting business continuity.

Process Solutions

Process Solutions has a team of distribution experts, technical professionals and licensed engineers who provide expertise related to pumps, compressors and fluid movement packages, fabricated liquid and gas measurement systems and process and production equipment. Process Solutions distributes OEM equipment including pumps, generator sets, air and gas compressors, dryers, blowers, mixers and valves. Within our process and production equipment category, we produce customer lease automatic custody transfer (“LACT”) units, vapor recovery units, gas meter runs, ASME code vessels in the form of separators, heater treaters, gas conditioning systems, towers, reactors, condensate stabilizers, slug catchers and pressurized bullet tanks, pig launchers and receivers and water transfer and disposal units. After-market services include rental, machining and repair service from a team of field mechanics located throughout the central U.S.

Process Solutions serves the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas markets as well as the municipal industrial, mining, power generation and general industries. Process Solutions also provides modular oil and gas tank battery solutions that positively impact our operator customers by enabling them to design a modular tank battery that enables flexibility and scalability for current and future production, while expediting revenue generation by reducing the time to complete a tank battery and getting oil and gas into the pipeline earlier. This solution saves our customers time and expense related to well hookup and tank battery commissioning and reduces field incident exposures due to a reduced labor requirement for battery construction.