24/7 Pickup Lockers

Introducing DistributionNOW's 24/7 Pickup Locker, powered by DigitalNOW®: a secure, fully automated kiosk that's available at all hours. Pick up your DNOW order whenever it’s most convenient for you, starting at our pilot locations.

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Pickup On Your Terms

  • Open 24/7 – even nights and weekends
  • Contactless pickup and return
  • No waiting at the counter
  • No extra fees
It's as easy as 1-2-3!  

Easy to Use

Picking up your order at one of our 24/7 Pickup Lockers is a simple 3-step process:


Order from DNOW

Place an order through your local DNOW sales representative by email, by phone or at one of our locations


Request 24/7 Pickup

Let your salesperson know you’d like to pick up your order at the 24/7 Pickup Locker at your convenience


Pick Up Order

After receiving your pickup notification text or email, pick up your order at the Locker using your mobile device or claim number

Some tips for picking up your order at the Locker:

  • The 24/7 Pickup Locker can scan the QR code from your pickup email, or you can enter your pickup claim number on the Locker's screen
  • When scanning QR codes, ensure your screen is clean and free of cracks and set the brightness to its highest setting
  • The Locker's door will automatically open after accepting the QR code or claim number and your signature
  • After retrieving your order, please close the Locker door
  • If you encounter any issues with your pickup order, contact your DNOW representative

24/7 Pickup Frequently Asked Questions

DistributionNOW's 24/7 Pickup Locker is a secure, automated kiosk that allows you to pick up an order on your own schedule – even after hours or on weekends.

Request pickup at the 24/7 Pickup Locker when you place your order by phone, by email or at your DNOW location. When the order is ready to pick up, you receive a text or email pickup notification that can be used at the Locker to retrieve your items.

At the Locker you scan the provided QR code or enter the claim number, sign the touchscreen, and the door to your order opens automatically. Just retrieve your order, close the door and you're done!

No – most items may be picked up at a Locker, but excessively large or heavy items may not be eligible. If you have a question about product eligibility or another solution for your large items, please contact your local DNOW branch or representative.

DNOW locations with 24/7 Pickup Lockers can be filtered on the Our Locations page by clicking the ‘Filter Locations’ button and selecting ‘24/7 Pickup Locker’ from the list.

No – orders will need to be placed by phone, by email or at your DNOW branch location at this time.

Your order will be processed as quickly as possible, and you will be notified by email or text when it’s ready to pick up. Standard delivery expectation is 2 hours or less.

Orders will be available for pickup for 48 hours, unless we receive notification from you of delayed pickup.

Please follow up with a call or email to the branch where the order was placed.

No – there is no additional cost for using a 24/7 Pickup Locker.

No – if you are unable to use your phone, you may print your notification email and use the QR code or just enter your pickup number at the 24/7 Pickup Locker to retrieve your order.

Please contact the DNOW representative or branch where the order was placed and report the issue.

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