Lighting and Lamps

Certified and Traditional Lighting for Hazardous Environments

MacLean Electrical, a distinguished division of MacLean International, operates under the DNOW umbrella. We specialise in delivering lighting and lamps for areas categorised as hazardous or harsh. Such environments demand lighting solutions tailored to their specific challenges. By integrating crucial safety features such as emergency response, corrosion resistance and flame-proof capabilities, our hazardous area lighting goes beyond mere illumination. It acts as a protective shield, ensuring safety and offering clear visibility. This guarantees a secure and efficient operation, instilling confidence in workers navigating these rigorous conditions.

MacLean Electrical's lighting range: LED, traditional, helideck, handlamps, torches, control gear, bulkheads, floodlights and emergency solutions.

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Product Information


In dark, confined or hazardous settings, certified lighting is essential to maintain safety and ensure operator effectiveness. We provide products that yield cost savings, factoring in both installation and energy efficiency. Our lighting is tailored for offshore and onshore oil and gas sectors, marine vessels, refining, petrochemical industries, mining, food processing, pharmaceuticals, breweries, distilleries, firefighting, water treatment and gas distribution. They're suitable for Zones 0, 1, 2 (covering gas, vapour, and mist) as well as Zones 21 and 22 for dust. Rated IP65/66/67/68.

Products Offered

  • LED Lighting
  • Traditional Lighting
  • Helideck Lighting
  • Temporary Lighting
  • Handlamps
  • Torches
  • Lamps
  • Control Gear & Accessories
  • A wide variety of light fittings for industrial and hazardous areas including:
    • Linear fittings
    • Bulkheads
    • Floodlights
    • Bay lighting
    • Emergency solutions
    • Helideck
    • Temporary lighting


  • All products are appropriately certified to internationally recognised standards - IEC Ex, ATEX/CENELEC, UL, ULC, CSA, FM, SGS, EAC, INMETRO, Chinese (CQST), CCCF, PTB
  • All products are appropriately certified for use in industrial areas and IEC Zone 0, 1, 2, 21, 22 &, NEC Class I, Class II, Div 1, Div 2, hazardous areas
  • Multiple protection concepts including (Ex e), Explosion Proof (Ex d) and Intrinsic Safety (Ex i)
  • IP65/66/67/68 rated / NEMA 4/4X rated as applicable

A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

List of partnerships for Europe

  • Ansell
  • CEAG
  • Dialight
  • IMT
  • Philips
  • Tranberg

List of partnerships for Australia