Orga Offshore

Leading Marine Navigation and Helideck Lighting

Orga Offshore, a pioneer in marine navigational and helideck lighting solutions, delivers the pinnacle of hazardous area certified products. Leveraging the latest in smart technology, Orga’s offerings include streamlined perimeter lights, wind socks, and status lights, all designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Recognised for their state-of-the-art reliability, energy efficiency, and cost-effective operation, Orga systems represent an investment in operational excellence. MacLean Electrical, as an authorised distributor, provides a wide array of Orga's top-tier helideck lighting and navigational aids, ensuring optimal safety and performance for the maritime industry in Australia.

Orga has delivered high-quality, efficient solutions for marking assets and landing areas to guarantee safe operations.


Explore some of our Orga offerings:

Helideck Lighting:

  • L425Ex-700
  • L85EX Perimeter Lights
  • TD/PM Circle -H lighting System
  • HFL100EX LED Helideck Floodlight
  • Circle H helideck lighting system (HTP100EX)
  • Helideck perimeter lighting (L85EX-G-AC)
  • Helideck status lights (L-425EX)
  • LED Helideck touchdown/positioning light panels (HTP100EX-A)
  • LED heliport identification marking panel (HTP100EX-G)

Navigational Aids:

  • Explosion proof LED illuminated windsock (HWC100EX)
  • Foghorn FH800EX-3
  • Main marine lanterns (L304EX-C-400)
  • NCCP Navaids central control panel
  • Secondary/subsidiary marine lanterns

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About Orga Offshore

Leading Offshore Safety and Navigation Solutions

Orga Offshore, established in 1973, champions asset safety with advanced marking and lighting systems for wind turbines, high-rise buildings and telecom towers in Australia and beyond. Their smart marking systems and innovative Circle-H helideck lighting crafted by a global team of over 200 specialists ensure compliance with rigorous industry standards and surpass client expectations with efficiency and reliability.