Aura Light

Sustainable Long Life Lighting Excellence

Aura Light’s core competence is to develop, manufacture and sell quality light sources within their unique Long Life light concept, saving three out of four replacements. Aura's commitment to reducing light source replacements by 75% reflects in their quality and environmentally conscious products, leading to lower operating costs and minimal environmental impact. MacLean Electrical, as an authorized distributor in Australia, offers a comprehensive selection of Aura Long Life lighting solutions, bringing sustainable, high-quality lighting to businesses and consumers.

Aura Light strives to offer modern technology in smart, sustainable lighting solutions.


Explore some of our Aura Light offerings:

  • Fluorescent:
    • Eco saver
    • Miniature
    • Protector
    • Reflector
    • Signette
    • Thermo
    • Ultimate
  • High-pressure sodium
    • Sodinette
  • Metal Halide
    • Crystal EP


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About Aura Light

Leading Industrial Technology Solutions Pioneering Electrification and Automation

Founded in 1930, Sweden's Aura Light brings to Australia sustainable lighting solutions from their Vimmerby facility. With a presence in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Germany, they offer economical, high-quality lighting designed for longevity and a sustainable future.