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MacLean Electrical is an authorised stockist and distributor of Chalmit Lighting products from our locations in the UK and throughout Australia. A world-leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality lighting products, Chalmit (owned by Hubbell Incorporated) offers a complete product range for both IEC and NEC certified applications, including linear fittings, bulkheads, floodlights, bay lighting and emergency solutions for use in hazardous and industrial areas within oil & gas, renewable energy, pharmaceutical and petrochemical markets.


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Chalmit offers a wide variety of light fittings and luminaires for industrial applications and hazardous areas, ranging from linear fittings to bulkheads, floodlights, bay lighting and emergency solutions. With more than 100 years of experience supplying these markets, our lighting products are of the highest quality, in cutting-edge designs and with plenty of possibilities for customisation.

Evolution X LED Floodlight, Zone 1, 21

With a market leading output of up to 40,000 lumens, the Evolution X combines high powered LED performance with long term maintenance benefits. The successor to high output HID floodlights, the Evolution X efficiently illuminates any zone 1/21 area.

MacLean offers the Evolution X LED floodlight from Chalmit

Product Details

  • Output options: 20,000 lm / 30,000 lm / 40,000 lm
  • Slimline profile
  • Easy access gearbox
  • Remote installation set up with remote gearbox (optional)
  • IP66/IP67 ingress protection
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Option for sealed for life (no exposed flamepaths)
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours (at 25°C)
  • Temperature range of -55°C to +60°C
  • Available as floodlight, pendant, high bay or pole/column
  • Asymmetric optic to reduce light pollution

Protecta Linear Lighting

The Protecta range of linear LED lighting from Chalmit delivers unparalleled performance and photometry, offering a range of industry recognised benefits – a proven robust enclosure, excellent IP and low maintenance features – which are key to the oil & gas industry.

Protecta III Linear LED Ex e, Zone 1, 21

With all the benefits of the Protecta range, the highly energy efficient Protecta III offers low maintenance, ingress protection of IP66/67 and market leading 120,000 hours of life (at 25°C). Suited to zone 1, 21 applications, the enclosure is robust to withstand the rigours of a hazardous environment. Both LED strips and driver are fully replaceable with screwless mains terminals.

MacLean offers the Protecta III Linear LED from Chalmit
Product Details
  • Models: PRGE (GRP), PRSE (stainless steel)
  • -40°C to +55°C operating temperature
  • Configurations:
    • Ceiling, wall, suspended or pole mounting
    • Standard or Emergency versions
    • GRP body, polycarbonate cover and galvanized steel geartray
    • Available with Retrofit geartray
    • Stainless steel option for harshest environments
    • Quick release clamp with hinged cover for ease of maintenance
  • Emergency illumination time of 90 minutes
  • Battery management on emergency version, including self testing

Protecta III LED Retrofit Geartray (PRRE)

The Protecta III LED Geartray is a unique solution to upgrade and utilise the very latest LED technology in existing Protecta III fluorescents. This geartray comes complete with LED strips and electronic driver and can be easily retro-fitted into the Protecta III GRP enclosure in minutes. The robust enclosure is not compromised, as it remains unchanged and all existing cabling and glanding can remain in place, providing significant installation cost savings when upgrading to LED.

MacLean offers the Protecta III LED Retrofit Geartray from Chalmit
Product Details
  • Simple upgrade of existing fluorescents
  • Highly energy efficient
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C
  • Suited to Zone 1 and Zone 21 areas

Protecta X Ex eb LED Linear, Zone 1, 21

Protecta X is the next generation of LED luminaires, certified for use in the most hazardous of environments. This revolutionary design with LED at the core provides a highly energy efficient and high performing 4ft lightweight and slimline linear.

MacLean offers the Protecta X Ex eb Linear LED from Chalmit
Product Details
  • More than 90,000 maintenance free hours at 60°C
  • Highly energy efficient at more than 135 lm/W
  • Screwless mains terminals
  • Front access cover for easy termination
  • Externally accessible battery stick for easy maintenance
  • Multiple beam distributions
  • Flexible mounting options – ceiling, wall, suspended, pole or handrail

Acclaim Linear Lighting

Certified to global standards such as ATEX and IECEx, Acclaim linear light fittings from Chalmit are ideal for Zone 1 and Zone 21 recessed lighting applications across the globe and suitable for a multitude of applications.

MacLean offers the Acclaim LED luminaire from Chalmit

Acclaim LED

Certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas, the Acclaim LED from Chalmit Lighting is a regular LED fitting in offshore accommodation. A recessed luminaire for use in solid or plank ceiling types, it is ideal for task and escape lighting with equivalent performance to fluorescent models but with all the long life benefits associated with an LED.

Product Details
  • Fully maintainable with replaceable LED strips and driver
  • Quick release mains terminal
  • Resistant to voltage fluctuations
  • Highly energy efficient
  • B15 SOLAS fire rating
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C (L70)
MacLean offers the Acclaim Retrofit LED luminaire from Chalmit

Acclaim Retrofit LED

A unique solution to upgrade existing Acclaim fluorescents to LED, this retrofit option comes complete with LED strips and electronic driver, and the geartray can be easily retrofitted into the Acclaim enclosure.

Product Details
  • Quick release mains terminals
  • Resistant to voltage fluctuations
  • Fully maintainable with replaceable LED strips and driver
  • Certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas

NexLED Emergency Bulkhead Ex e, Zone 1, 21

The NexLED bulkhead luminaire utilises high output 1 Watt light emitting diodes (LEDs), delivering a white, instant and highly visible light. Compact and versatile, the NexLED is suited to low profile applications, such as walkways or restricted height areas and can be mounted on walls, handrails and ceilings.

Especially suited to exposed conditions with high levels of dust and moisture, the enclosure is corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminium with a toughened glass cover, silicone rubber sealing gasket and stainless steel fixings. The product can be fitted with either two or eight low-power LEDs, making the NexLED an efficient luminaire for both mains and emergency mode operation from the backup battery.

Also available as an emergency option, the use of LED technology means that light output in emergency mode is identical to mains operation – lamps will switch off for one second when the mains fail, then restart to indicate battery operation.

MacLean offers the NexLED Emergency Bulkhead LED from Chalmit

Product Details

  • Simple to install, durable and easy to maintain
  • More efficient than incandescent and most tungsten halogen lights, operating for up to 80,000 hours and eliminating relamping in many applications
  • Emits no heat forward, no ultraviolet light, is mercury free and is not susceptible to vibration
  • Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from -45°C to +55°C, with light output unaffected by low temperatures
  • Heated battery compartment available where emergency lighting is required in ambient temperatures below -5°C
  • ATEX certified, GOST approved and IECEx compliant

Neo X Bulkhead LED (NOXB)

The Neo X bulkhead from the Zone 1 LED X series of luminaires focuses on the needs of the user by combining multiple lumen outputs with long-term maintenance benefits. This bulkhead provides a market leading range of photometric outputs using Chalmit’s X-series optics to efficiently illuminate any Zone 1/21 application, and is an ideal successor to the NexLED and Nevis ranges of bulkhead luminaires.

MacLean offers the Neo X Bulkhead LED from Chalmit

Product Details

  • Highly energy efficient (>120 lm/W up to 135 lm/W)
  • Available with asymmetric walkway optic, minimising light pollution
  • Optional hot swap battery for more efficient maintenance
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C (100,000 hours for EM and EMI)
  • Exit sign options
  • Small footprint areas of restricted space
  • Certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas

Arran, Arran X and Arran High Output LED Floodlights, Zone 2, 21, 22

A powerful and high-output Ex e floodlight, Arran delivers impressive performance, with 90,000 - 120,000 hours maintenance free (at 25°C) and a temperature range of -50°C up to +50°C. Arran is a versatile floodlight, offering a global lighting solution and a comparable output to common high-wattage HID floodlights.

MacLean offers the Arran, Arran X and Arran High Output LED floodlights from Chalmit

Product Details

  • Output options:
    • Up to 28,500 lm (Arran X)
    • Up to 46,000 lm (Arran High Output)
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Uniform photometric distribution
  • Easily maintainable driver and LED strip
  • Instant crisp white light output
  • Lower power consumption than HID lamps

Evolution X Remote Box

This remote gearbox floodlight is designed specifically for the Evolution X, manufactured by Chalmit. Bringing a multitude of benefits, this product provides ease of installation, inspection and maintenance. Using rapid connection gland (RCG) entries between the remote gearbox and LED engine ensures field installation is simple whilst reducing weight mounted at height. A robust enclosure means it is essentially maintenance free and mounting of the remote gearbox in an accessible location offers reduced installation (CAPEX), maintenance and inspection (OPEX) for the entire lifetime of the fitting.

MacLean offers the Evolution X remote gearbox floodlight from Chalmit

Product Details

  • Highly energy efficient (>106 lm/W)
  • Slimline, sealed for life LED enclosure with no exposed flamepaths
  • Available with asymmetric optic, minimizing light pollution
  • Easy access gearbox reduces CAPEX and OPEX
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C

Protecta X Sealed for Life (SFL) LED

A revolutionary luminaire, the Chalmit Protecta X is now available as a Sealed for Life (SFL) option. Further enhancing user benefits, it uses Hawke International’s RCG cable gland and, together with Chalmit’s innovative hot-swappable battery technology, the SFL option offers market leading cost savings for installation and maintenance.

Utilising this option allows field cables to be prepared in advance of luminaire installation, eliminating the need for historically difficult wiring installation on-site. The Plug'n'Play design allows for a flexible approach to area lighting, whilst minimising installation time. SFL construction also restricts access to the luminaire housing, removing requirements for elements of the Ex-inspection.

MacLean offers the Protecta X Sealed for Life LED luminaire from Chalmit

Product Details

  • Highly energy efficient (>135 lm/W)
  • Battery management and automatic self test
  • More than 90,000 maintenance free hours at 60°C
  • Externally accessible battery stick for ease of maintenance
  • Sealed For Life construction reduces operational expenditure for lifetime of product

More Chalmit Lighting Products

Supplementary to the above featured products, MacLean Electrical is pleased to offer a diverse range of additional lighting products from Chalmit Lighting.

  • Floodlights
    • Evolution II Asymmetric Floodlight, Zone 1, 21: combines Ex de protection with optimised utilisation of light
    • Evolution Jr Portable Floodlight Ex de, Zone 1, 2: lightweight and portable version of the Evolution floodlight
    • HDL Ex e LED Modular Floodlight: low-power floodlight usable as a single unit or linked together to replicate a large floodlight
    • Maxinex & Micronex Floodlight Ex n, Zone 2, 22: lightweight and compact asymmetrical metal halide or HPS floodlights
    • ScotiaEx d e LED, Zone 1, 21: low-energy floodlight with instant on output, suitable for extreme temperatures
    • Solas Emergency LED Floodlight Luminaire Ex de, Zone 1, 2, 21: available with a self-contained battery for backup emergency lighting applications
  • Fluorescents
    • Lomond Luminaire Fluorescent Ex d, Zone 1, 21: rugged, flameproof T8 fluorescent with integrated mounting channel
    • Sterling II Luminaire Fluorescent Ex e, Zone 2, 22: a quality and cost-effective luminaire designed for both gas and dust atmospheres
  • LED Lighting
    • ScotiaEx d e LED, Zone 1, 21
    • Solas Emergency LED Floodlight Luminaire Ex de, Zone 1, 2, 21
  • Wellglass
    • Eclipse II Wellglass Ex n, Zone 2: corrosion-resistant, with separated lamp and gear chambers for easy maintenance

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