Service Offerings

Global Expertise, Comprehensive Solutions

MacLean International stands as a beacon of excellence in service offerings influenced by and developed specifically for the industries we serve. From international project management, efficient document control, and seamless worldwide shipping, to state-of-the-art warehousing and comprehensive material sourcing, we have it all covered. As a trusted MRO integrator, our skills extend to specialised cable services, top-tier training, and innovative e-commerce solutions. Coupled with our deep expertise in valve services and lighting design, we remain committed to meeting the diverse needs of industries across the globe.

Our Service Offerings

  1. International Projects & Exports
  2. Document Control & Expediting
  3. Worldwide Logistics & Shipping
  4. Materials Sourcing & Management
  5. Warehousing Facilities & Vast Inventory
  6. MRO Integrator
  7. Cable Cutting & Reeling
  8. Cable Gland Fitting
  9. Approved Workshops
  10. Training
  11. E-Commerce
  12. Total Valve Services
  13. Lighting Design
  14. Frame Agreements

International Projects & Exports

Utilising our resources across 6 continents, we serve the global capital projects market. As an international material integrator we provide packaged supply of LV and MV Power, Instrumentation & Fibre Optic cable, cable supports, lighting systems & electrical bulk materials. With almost 50 years in the industry, our experience is vast & spans large scale global projects. Impartial supply provides you with access to an extensive range of products lines & brands from renowned manufacturers, ensuring technically and commercially sound solutions. Together with specialist teams across the business, we provide in-depth, expert, technical product & industry knowledge including full data & certification documentation from a dedicated team of controllers.

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Document Control & Expediting

Document Control

MacLean International’s experienced & dedicated team of document controllers ensure timely provision of appropriate data & certification documentation as well as providing client document packages in line with project guidelines.

We have an established document management system and our team is experienced in handling the various document requirements generated from day to day MRO activities, Exports and International Project customers with whom we have a longstanding track record.

Our project document controllers produce project specific document trackers as a monitoring tool to ensure documents are issued and returned within agreed timescales. Documentation can be supplied in multi-language as required. Agreed documentation can be made available via our web portal and can be accessed electronically.


Our team of expeditors and ERP System with Automatic Expediting Software measure supplier performance to provide a Proactive Reporting System to our customers. Expediting reports are tailored to suit the customer’s requirements.

Worldwide Logistics & Shipping

With an extensive network of partners worldwide, regular consignments shipping globally & a local delivery fleet, we offer a reliable logistics service across the UK & around the globe.

Our network of locations throughout Europe and around the world mitigate any risks associated with the UK leaving the EU.

We provide compliant export packing to suit individual client needs and project requirements. All export packing is done in house by our team to ISPM15 standard and all required packing documentation is available for all modes of transport. We also provide in house packing and documentation for dangerous goods for air and sea freight.

Materials Sourcing & Management

As a leading distribution company we operate a first class, well established system for sourcing and managing materials. Our materials management system is used to optimise the sourcing, purchasing and management of products whilst providing safe, secure, materials management facilities for customers worldwide.

By adopting a proactive approach to supply chain management, we utilise our long-established relationships with trusted blue chip supply partners to provide high quality products and mitigate risk of product supply. With our large, global distribution facilities we provide a consistent and dependable base for our customers.

Our materials sourcing and management is operated and accredited under our Quality Management System which is audited and accredited by LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance), one of the world’s foremost management systems certification bodies.  Approved by UKAS and using globally recognised criteria for their assurance services, our system is regularly audited and accredited by LRQA auditors who are technical experts in their field to give our customers the confidence that we are operating to stringent standards.

Warehousing Facilities & Vast Inventory

All of our locations globally have extensive warehouse facilities, stocking vast inventory to provide you with access to IEC and NEC stock when you need it. Stringent warehouse control systems means we can ensure accurate inventory and deliver on time so you can be assured of full traceability of product. Supported by certification and document control and inspection and packing teams we produce client document packages to suit individual project guidelines and ensure rigorous inspection of material prior to consolidation, packing and shipment.

MRO Integrator

Product Coverage and Added Value of MacLean International MRO Integrator Model - Our unique position of being a major category supplier with the added value of offering a full spectrum of Supply Chain Services, allows MacLean International to not only reduce your supply chain management costs but further enhance the technical support to your teams.  With additional support from DistributionNow we cover the following core areas that encompass a high percentage of the value and volume of MRO supply. 

  • Electrical equipment     
  • Valves                                
  • Safety protection            
  • Supplies and Misc. tools              
  • Fittings / flanges             
  • Piping                                

Being a commercially and technically competent supplier in these categories is critical to reduce costs for high value / high volume categories and offers you complete confidence in the Supply Chain.

Cable Cutting & Reeling

We hold vast inventory of BS6883, BS7917 and NEK606 cable, within our wholly owned, modern, purpose-built facilities, which are all conveniently located to allow rapid access to main transport routes, whether road, rail, sea or air.

Cable is stocked on master reels and multiple pay-off/pay-on cable reeling machines have an extensive capacity that enables us to cut to customer specific call-off requirements.

Customer orders are protected in-house prior to collection or dispatch and reels are individually identified with customer specific labelling to ensure full traceability of product.

Cable from MacLean Electrical is bought direct from quality approved manufacturers and supplied with Manufacturers’ electrical test certificates.

Cable Gland Fitting

MacLean Electrical can provide a gland-fit chart to cross reference the dimensions of the cable we supply against the range of acceptance criteria of the gland type selected.  This not only guarantees your gland will fit your cable accurately and safely, but also avoids schedule delays and subsequent costs associated with last minute gland changes during critical stages of installation. 

Within our dedicated in-house training facility, we can arrange extensive product awareness training sessions with manufacturers to cover any of the cable types or glands we supply.  Training includes familiarity and understanding of:

  • The protection concept of the product
  • The  importance  of  correct  installation 
  • General  familiarity  with installation practices
  • Followed by a demonstration on how the cable gland is installed

Approved Workshops

MacLean Electrical certified approved workshops are operated by experienced and highly trained personnel to customise hazardous area equipment. Full state of the art CNC machining capability provides assembly and modification of stainless steel and GRP Junction Boxes, Control Stations and Distribution Boards from class leading manufacturers including Hawke, Weidmuller, Stahl, Eaton-CEAG and Abtech to IECEx, ATEX and EAC standards. With stock available from warehouse we can deliver an EXpress turnaround from specification to assembly, drilling/machining and engraving to inspection and certification to bespoke customer specifications. MacLean Electrical’s approved workshop facilities first gained SGS (BASEEFA) accreditation and our independent license in 1986, providing our customers with confidence that we are not only modifying and assembling products to stringent standards but also an additional level of quality and compliance. We can offer products certified to ATEX, IECEX or EAC to ensure the highest quality of product, service and technical competence – delivering quality you can rely upon.

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Our operating demonstration display area is used to facilitate training of personnel on installation and maintenance on a variety of hazardous area products and guidelines. The use of this facility is particularly useful for graduate trainees, product training and demonstrations. In addition, full onsite demonstrations and technical seminars can be provided as an added service to complement our product offering.


MacLean International’s established and secure e-commerce platform provides our customers with access to our global inventory of products.  With or without full B2B integration, our customers benefit from access to our wide range of products, customer specific pricing, products images and technical specifications, product availability, history and favourites.

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Total Valve Services

MacLean Valves can deliver a complete solution with a range of services including:

  • Engineered solutions
  • Actuations services
  • Technical support
  • Valve testing
  • Workshop repair & testing
  • On-site services
  • Project supply
  • Supplier management

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Lighting Design

From LED replacement and capital works programmes to product suitability, technical advice and proposal assessments we deliver a comprehensive service providing cost effective lighting for new install or new design projects alongside innovative and energy efficient solutions to assist in meeting carbon reduction targets.

Frame Agreements

Our proven high levels of service, experienced staff, technical knowledge, digital interfaces and competitive pricing combined with our vast inventory has allowed us to secure a wide portfolio of high value Frame Agreements with blue chip Operators, Refineries, Drilling Contractors and Engineering Contractors.